Dein voted off Premier League board

Dein voted off Premier League board

Arsenal vice-chairman David Dein has been voted off the Football Association board by the Premier League, to be replaced by Manchester United chairman David Gill.

A vote took place amongst all 20 top-flight chairman to vote on the four representatives of the Premier League and Dein lost his place.

Dein has come under heavy criticism recently for his protection of manager Arsène Wenger during the FA's search for a successor to Sven Goran-Eriksson.

Even though Arsène Wenger himself has said that he has no desire to manage England, a number of PRemier League chairman have expressed anger at how their managers were not as protected as Arsenal's.

The search eventually led to Middlesbrough manager Steve McLaren being hired as England manager.

The ironic thing is, for all of the supposed protection of Arsène Wenger, the Frenchman was interviewed but turned the position down even before the interview had begun.

Chelsea manager José Mourinho also expressed concern at how Arsenal seemed to have an easier fixture list after Champions League matches (playing their next matches at home whilst Chelsea played away).

Dein has been replaced by Manchester United chairman David Gill.

As a vice-chairman of the elite G14 group and an FA council member, Gill has extensive experience of football administration beyond Old Trafford and he will now work with the Premier League's other representatives; Dave Richards, Phil Gartside and Robert Coar, in promoting the league's interests on the FA board.

Dein will sit alongside Richards, Gartside and Gill on the less influential FA council.

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Posted on 3 Jun, 2006 at 12:58 AM - Reply

It was also proved that over the last 3 seasons chelsea have had more home games after champions league games than both arsenal and man utd


Posted on 2 Jun, 2006 at 09:18 PM - Reply

I can't say as I'm suprised with all that's gone on. Who will fat Sam blame when he doesn't get his way though? It's interesting to note that all the complaints about Dein's club ties, he's been replaced with a similiarly qualified man from ManU. I don't have a problem with it personally, I think it's good that at least someone on the FA board should know something about football.

Also, why on earth have the BBC churned out the rubbish about Jose complaining about the fixtures last season when it was pointed out the premier league and not the FA arrange the fixtures?

Written by Jonathan Chong on Friday, June 2, 2006

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