First pictures of the changes in the stadium

Date: 21st August 2009 at 9:14 pm
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I was lucky enough to help REDaction today lay out the thousands of scarves that will be greeting Arsenal supporters tomorrow afternoon when they make their first pilgrimage to the Emirates Stadium this season.

Whilst at the stadium, I noticed the numerous changes the club was making to it in order to give it a bit more identity. It’s no secret now that there are changes afoot at the young lady, and on the outset, you wouldn’t have noticed these changes unless you were looking for them, but walking around the stadium laying the red scarves for supporters to create a more intimidating atmosphere, you start to notice one or two things especially on the concourse area.

For example, large Arsenal crests adorn walls that are now red as opposed to the colour of bare concrete, or the mural of matchday programmes. The club’s motto, “Victory through harmony”, is now also printed on several ceiling bars and on some other walls you get the word ARSENAL in huge red letters.

The project to give the stadium a bit more identity is getting there slowly but surely and is still work in progress, but from what I’ve seen, it will already be an improvement on a matchday atmosphere that can best be described as ‘quiet’.

Make some noise tomorrow and wave those red and white scarves!

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