Date: 7th July 2005 at 3:17am
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Last entry for a few days due to being camped in a field for the sake of watching men on a raised platform play musical notes. Can’t wait! Think I’ll start with the Alabama 3, then Death From Above 1979, then maybe the Ordinary Boys as the La’s are on afterwards, then the Killers, then James Brown … should be a hoot. Oh yes.

When I got to bed last night people were burning Gerrard’s shirt, and when I got up they’d all kissed and made up and everything was hunky dorey. I think trying to second guess footballers these days is neither worth time nor consideration – Ashley Cole IS still here, isn’t he? Something went off at Liverpool, surely instigated by third parties and then promptly blew over about 6 seconds afterwards. I wonder what the people who called Gerrard what they did on Sky Sports News will be back cheering him in a months time. Course they will.

I wonder why people always feel the need to say they are a “lifelong” fan before they launch into their spiel? Surely it is preferable to articulate and back up their points showing that they have an understanding which speaks far more than laying the situation out at the start and assuming respect follows merely from that? I think it’s sloppy, the way football debate quite often descends into these bits of self-serving rhetoric; regurgitated soundbytes. “Global fanbase with a Megastore” certainly turned into “Not For Sale” quickly enough! I suppose all of this is better than saying you are a “true” fan. Or those people who sign up to forums – “Gooner_For_Life_05”, “Faithful-Addick” and so on, you know the kind I mean. Surely that’s the least you want to expect of a fan, the definition of “fan” being what it is? I don’t know.

So yeah, there’s nothing gone on. We had a “derisory” (made me laugh very hard for some reason) offer turned down for Baptista who also turned down a new contract – but you know this already. I’ve simply never seen the guy play so I am loathe to comment on anything really. Thanks to kemblediaz, though, for the tip-off that Sevilla have also just signed another Brazilian striker from Porto, Luis Fabiano. Sounds very much like the man is on his way, and of course Wenger still has one gap to fill in his outline of who was coming in.

So that’s all. Have a good weekend in advance!


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