Date:11th August 2020 at 8:25pm
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The football season is over for Arsenal, and the excitement has died down a little after the FA Cup final win against Chelsea, now what? Whether you are a die-hard Gooner or a punter, the months after a big tournament, when there is only the occasional game happening, can be tough. Not only is the thrill of watching your favourite team missing, but for several Arsenal betting fans, it is a challenging time when they cannot earn profits along with the success of their team.

So, the best way around this sometimes dull break is to make the most of other opportunities that keep you in touch with the team, and simultaneously, also allow you to earn rewards on the side. These are rewards and profits that you can then use to buy season tickets next year.


Any self-respecting Arsenal fan will have some memorabilia in their home. It can be the home or away kit from the Premier League 2003-04 season when Arsenal were the champions. Else, it can be an autographed football by a few or all the team players. The options are numerous, and the more hard-to-find they get, the higher their value goes up. The off-season is an excellent time to go over everything you have been collecting and check if one of the items can get you some money in an auction. It is also the time to pick up memorabilia that you might want to sell later, or else, display in your home forever.

Different Sports

For most Arsenal fans it is blasphemy to bet on another team, especially in a tournament where their beloved club is playing. Typically, any professional punter will tell you that it is best not to wager with your heart, and go with whoever can get you more money. However, we understand sentiments and emotions. Therefore, when it is the off-season, you have more time on your hands to look at some of the other sports around the world and participate in them. From tennis, cricket, and basketball to athletics and golf, there are several possibilities where you can make loads of money continuously.

Virtual Games

Okay, so if no other sports interests you, there is still one way you can earn profits during the off-season. Recently, the betting world has seen a new wave of enthusiasm emerge around virtual games. These are similar to real games, exciting to watch even, but played virtually. Basically, you bet on a team and then watch a video of the action as you wait for the random result to pop up on the screen. Bookies release odds for these games played on a schedule. Also, for your information, virtual games aren’t limited to just football and take place for almost all sports categories, with horse racing being another favourite.

Content Writing

Got a knack for writing about sports? Well, there is always a need for people online who can talk about their favourite teams and players in detail. With more fans and readers than before using the web to get the latest information on sports, it is easy to start a career as a content writer nowadays. Begin by writing a few pieces on your own and then approach sports websites with your articles. Soon enough, you can be writing about Arsenal not only during the off-season but also covering games when they are playing in tournaments.