Date: 20th February 2019 at 1:43pm
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The Premier League is considered to be the most attractive football competition in the world by many fans and experts. Large and beautiful-looking stadiums, world-class players and teams with massive history and trophies – what more can a football fan ask? Combine this with the whole online betting hype in the UK, and you get something special – the thrill of watching football matches that keep fans entertained and on the edge for the full 90 minutes.

It’s very common for people to bet on games all season long using popular bookies. Placing bets at bet365 is just one example of how football fans in the UK make their weekends even more interesting. But one of the most significant factors that add on the appeal of the Premier League are the stadiums themselves. And by many, The Emirates is the most sophisticated sports building in all England. Let’s find out why.

The History of the Emirates Stadium

New, modern and hyper-technological, the Emirates Stadium is located not far from the ashes of the Highbury, the former stadium of Arsenal. The Emirates, which was finished in 2006, meets the needs of the Gunners as a popular international club. The first Arsenal stadium, Highbury, was actually one of the richest stadiums in English football history.

The reasons for the “move” to the Emirates can be found in the terrible Hillsborough tragedy of 1989. 96 fans lost their lives crushed in the crowd during the semi-final of the FA Cup between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest. Because of this incident, it was decided to eliminate the stands from all the English stadiums and turning them into seats. The result was a significant reduction in the capacity of the stadiums with consequently reduced revenues.

Therefore, all clubs try to expand their stadiums in order to accommodate at least the same number of fans as before. But this was not possible in the case of Highbury and, for this reason, Arsenal had to search for a new “home”. From this, the Emirates Stadium idea was born.

For the new stadium, a land less than 500 metres from where Highbury was located, and the project was awe-inspiring. This included the main facility, a residential complex and improvements to the road and the transport network; all for the impressive cost of 390 million pounds. As the name says, the stadium was financed by the Emirates airline. The building began in 2004, and the Stadium was inaugurated on July 23rd, 2006. With a capacity of 60,361 spectators, the Emirates Stadium is England’s third largest stadium, falling behind Wembley and Old Trafford in Manchester.

The Reasons why Emirates is the Best Stadium in the Premier League

After knowing the history of the Emirates Stadium, which is already peculiar, let’s see how the real reasons why it is the best stadium in the Premier League:

  • This is not just a simple sports facility. In addition to hosting the Arsenal competitions and other international competitions and concerts, it boasts numerous modern and comfortable rooms, all with a spectacular view of the field.
  • A state of the art grass system. Only 3% of the grass is artificial while the rest has been studied to be changed entirely only once every ten years.
  • The seats are equipped with a comfortable backrest and arranged in such a way that you can enjoy an optimal view from any position.
  • The curved glass, the concrete panel facades and the steel walls of the stadium offer an exceptional sight to the approaching visitors.
  • Even its project has been praised by UEFA as a model to follow for other clubs. For instance, by converting the old Highbury into residential units, Arsenal was able to quickly cancel all bank loans and emerge as the club with the best financial result in Europe.

The Emirates Stadium exalts its visitors not only during the exciting games of Arsenal but also those who just come to take the guided tour. Whatever the occasion, the Emirates Stadium is simply unmissable.