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Hold the door...hold the door...hothedor....hodor May 23, 2016

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    1. ajay_rajan80
      Hold the door...hold the door...hothedor....hodor
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      3. Jury
        yes, that part can be interesting. I wanted to see more of his vision last week before the tree man ****ed it up. I can only hope some great twists come from Brans visions.
        May 24, 2016
      4. MaraDon
        yawn. i feel that its becoming complete trash, the theatre escene was just too long for nothing, losing time, extending the plot, and the Hodor history is very poor. They are losing my interest since season 5 and now is just like they are laughing at me. ****ing HBO they made the same with true blood, they dont know when to stop.
        May 24, 2016
      5. Jury
        Well **** me, I could have guessed you watched True Blood! :D I did too, but lets be honest, it got awful long before season 5. The cast, characters and humor were excellent, but the plot was terrible! I havent watched the finale to this day! It was very difficult for them to confine the story to some tiny town. Their attempts at broadening it were hopless lol
        May 24, 2016
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