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  • Would also be really happy, if there is any chance that my singmeasongsong account could be accessed again. This 503 error. Think it started as I tried to upload something..
    These usually sort out by themselves . Give it some time .
    When you say in time, how long are we talking about here? And the reason I ask is because it's heading towards 2 weeks for me.

    I've been having the same issue as alwaysmassive78.
    I had to create this new account as well just to get access.
    On my old account, the server is throwing up 503 and 504 errors whenever I try to login.

    I wouldn't mind getting back access to that account.


    Please can I have alwaymassive78 account back- no access to AM by wifi at
    and 503 error of try to login- email address on that account was jamesmorgan78@live.co.uk
    Think 4R5Emaniac had similar problem- sending copy to other staff members as been about 2 weeks- deleted all cache data etc and no luck just freezes when try to login and won't load at all on wifi

    Kind Regards

    James Morgan
    Hey mate - it's Gooner Zig - for some reason every time I try to sign in with my original account, AM freezes up and I basically can't do anything...I tested it on IE, Firefox and Chrome - deleted all cookies and still nada. I created this account to see if it was my computer that was playing up but it isn't and for some reason my original login (Gooner Zig) just won't work! You got any ideas why?
    Nah not really ,but I have had the same problem over the weekend , where the damn thing slow to the point where I think the internet is not connected .
    Gooner Zig
    Gooner Zig
    Looks like I'm back...hopefully don't run into this issue again - cheers
    Hello Celestis. I seem to be unable to login with my Salieri nickname for two weeks now. Can you please help me with the issue if possible?
    whoah best down the line from feds lol . Jokes seems a bit nuts smashing his shoes with the racquet
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