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    Mikel Arteta: Mid-table Mikel

    It looked like the board really waited until their hand forced with Emery acting a bit broken & the Emirates just being empty. Arteta still looks pretty composed despite eye opening low league positioning for months. Guess we will need the Emirates to empty next season or for KSE to see a safe...
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    Mikel Arteta: Mid-table Mikel

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    Granit Xhaka: Time For Xhak To Hit The Road?

    the look he got :lol:
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    Matteo Guendouzi (Out)

    hope he wins the Olympic gold this summer & returns with a Kurt Angle gimmick seeing out his contract that's what I would do
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    Ainsley Maitland-Niles: Midfielder or in deNile?

    maybe he would be more open to it as well if challenging at the top like City at our level its a reach taking the financial hit & playing in a position you dont like... in his time here some average **** has been playing in midfield makes sense to make a move, get a nice fresh contract & be a...
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    Premier League 20/21: Gameweek 26 (Feb 27-Mar 4)

    crazy Cheslea can open up a gap on Liverpool tonight feels like an opportunity for Werner to go off vs their CBs
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    Hector Bellerin (Out)

    these big clubs seem to always be linked pre transfer window then nothing cant really see PSG signing both Hector & Florenzi with their wages + injury historys
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    Mikel Arteta: Mid-table Mikel

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    Folarin Balogun (Out)

    if the club thinks he is a talent worth 40k makes sense... personally no clue what the younger players are on now if its more down to yet another final year agent power move let him go... one thing Auba / Özil / Alexis doing this **** but cant let no names do it
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    PL: Burnley v Arsenal | Saturday, March 6 | KO: 12:30 UTC | BT Sport

    should be an easy win ... **** teams like this can play Sp**s, Leicester & Arsenal in 7 days they will be knackered
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    Folarin Balogun: Balo d'Or

    this has joining a PL rival vibes all over
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    Granit Xhaka: Time For Xhak To Hit The Road?

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    Mikel Arteta: Mid-table Mikel

    will they have to lower season ticket prices at any point now not a CL contender & further down the league? one way to appease the emirates crowd as they will not be buying the bs now not even contending for top four
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    Hector Bellerin (Out)

    think he lucked out after running on Becks but failing to land him mad step down to Arteta & Bellerin :lol:
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    Kia Joorabchian Involvement With Arsenal FC

    really expected Willian to be better but each of the other trio showing positives just feels like dead money though... none of them will have any resale value & as a club sitting lower midtable