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Debbie Downer

Reek is an Arsenal fan!!! Jan 9, 2017

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Nov 12, 2019
    1. SuperGoon
      I miss the champions league matches as well. I ****ing hate retail, man.
      1. RandyMarsh
        That's brutal man. I have one motto which i live by every day.. "Don't work during football hours"
        Serves me well.
        Sep 11, 2015
    2. SuperGoon
      Last time I missed an Arsenal match because of work we scored 7 against Lyon. I'm working tomorrow and Sunday. I miss all the football.
    3. SuperGoon
      Thank you @Hertz, one final laugh before that thread was closed. Completely worthy of that thread, for it's final moments.
      1. Hertz likes this.
      2. Hertz
        Sep 1, 2015
    4. SuperGoon
      A two party system can only lead a country to stagnating.
      1. redanddread
        Divide and conquer-I've been advocating a coalition in Jamaica for years. Not surprisingly the existing political powers don;t see it that way.
        Aug 27, 2015
    5. SuperGoon
      Always seemed like a like whore, tbh. Said things just to be controversial, then would contradict himself a day later.
      1. Godwin1 likes this.
    6. SuperGoon
      What did hydroflu acid do? I have him blocked because he frustrates me, lol.
      1. GDeep™
        Nothing major, just a pain in the arse I think.
        Aug 25, 2015
      2. Bigbludfire
        Same. He literally contributed **** all in a million posts, kept telling fibs and just flopped at trolling. I couldn't hack it anymore.
        Aug 25, 2015
    7. SuperGoon
      This leads me to believe that Arsenal are contagious, and soon I will be just living with a fridge full of microwavable meals.
      1. ModelGooner and OG J0E like this.
    8. SuperGoon
      The longer I watch Arsenal over my life, the more unwilling I am to spend money on things that would improve my life significantly.
      1. ModelGooner likes this.
    9. SuperGoon
      This site needs to change its banners to black after we lose. Y'all get so depressed, you swear you were mourning.
      1. ModelGooner
        Arsenal is love, Arsenal is life
        Aug 10, 2015
    10. SuperGoon
      We're back!
    11. SuperGoon
      Just bought a ps4 the other day. Got a great deal for it so I couldn't say no. Looking to be good games released soon though. Can't wait!
      1. Goon_si likes this.
      2. Enoch
        Enjoy it mate! They said this fall leading to the new year and spring is when the games will start to roll in, so it's good that you waited, just in time.
        Jun 20, 2015
    12. SuperGoon
      He calls it the "Lord of Light"
    13. SuperGoon
      Stannis grows a second penis.
    14. SuperGoon
      The show sucks.
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      3. hydrofluoric acid
        hydrofluoric acid
        The thing with women though is that this is reality, this is happening now in real life. George r. r. Martin are known for writing the cruel reality, the life isn't a fairtale, and women are getting under very hard, in got and real life. :(

        I do like the shows, but are more fan of books like you. Actually I think I always takes book over movies/shows!
        Jun 15, 2015
      4. hydrofluoric acid
        hydrofluoric acid
        Btw, I hate the sick scenes in got, I never watch it, abusing, sick killing and stuff like that. :)
        Jun 15, 2015
      5. SuperGoon
        Nah, I can understand the actions for plot purposes and character development but the show doesn't do most of it's violence (Rape) against women for plot purposes, more so for shock value and to re-enforce that it's a dark world. The book would mention such things vaguely, but rarely shows it.
        Jun 15, 2015
    15. SuperGoon
      Just watched the Bethesda e3 presentation. Glad I'm not female, because I'm pretty sure I'd be pregnant after that. Fallout 4 is gonna rock.
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      2. SuperGoon
        Kick a football at your crotch!
        Jun 15, 2015
      3. OnlyOne
        but but... how u do that? :O
        Jun 15, 2015
      4. SuperGoon
        A very fair point.
        Jun 15, 2015
    16. SuperGoon
      But we might be stupid and start making threads that ask "What's your favourite colour?"!!!!
    17. SuperGoon
      I have a bet that both teams score, but Barca win. So they can smash them, but Juve need to score. plzthxbai.
    18. SuperGoon
      Agreed, tbh.
    19. SuperGoon
      I would totally boink Emma Stone.
      1. fabo likes this.
    20. SuperGoon
      I feel so old.
      1. Taylor Gang Gunners
        Taylor Gang Gunners
        How old are you mate? :) If you don't mind me asking. I recently turned 21 and I feel old a hell sometimes!
        Jun 4, 2015
      2. SuperGoon
        Older, haha. 24. We probably sound like right gits.
        Jun 4, 2015
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