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  1. GDeep™
    Make the most of each day. Your dog like everyone else is on a journey. Maybe one day it will all make sense.
    Jun 25, 2017
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  2. Jury
    Spoken like a true dog man. I cant imagine life without mine, and he's 12. Jack Russells get a good 18 years though, so Im making the rest of his life the best it can be.
    Jun 26, 2017
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  3. redanddread
    Bro,I had to do that earlier this year, luckily she had puppies a few years ago and I had kept a couple of them. Try not to think about it though. It's heart wrenching though and I had to watch her live her last 6 months with a cancer death sentence.
    Jul 1, 2017
  4. Jury
    @redanddread ****, Im sorry man. Her pups must be a comfort. I wish I found a mate for mine before I had to get his balls chopped. Id love to have had his pups. Problem would have been splitting up his family though. Would have torn me apart.
    Jul 1, 2017
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  5. OnlyOne
    Sorry to hear that @redanddread, so sad. It's amazing how attached you get to dogs, they don't even speak ffs. I love them.
    Jul 1, 2017
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