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  1. American_Gooner
    Shocking stuff from @Jury, airing TGG like that smh
    May 22, 2020
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  2. Jury
    @Taylor Gang Gunners Jury’s missus (Is that what he calls himself on here the ****ing gimp?), well the covid took him clean from the earth but I’ve inherited everything which is decent luck. Every cloud brudder... BTW are you fit? It’s what he woulda wanted xxx
    May 22, 2020
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  3. Taylor Gang Gunners
    Taylor Gang Gunners
    Hahaha, glad to see Covid didn’t steal ya sense of humour!
    May 22, 2020
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  4. Jury
    @Taylor Gang Gunners The covid must have made him delirious in his last moments... I thought he might have told me he loved me with his last breath, but whispered ‘He’s a ****ing gutless money grabbing fraud’ or something ... xxx
    May 23, 2020
  5. Taylor Gang Gunners
    Taylor Gang Gunners
    LOL I've no doubt in my mind those would be your dying words. He's here to stay mate- might even nick your missus.
    May 26, 2020

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