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  1. Jury
    I'm not too up to speed with groups, but would I be right in saying the 'usual suspects' all still cry for Wenger while wanking over a picture of Özil? Are they usually doing this?
    Aug 17, 2020
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  2. Riou
    Yeah, that sounds like a usual @GDeep™ Saturday night masterclass.
    Aug 17, 2020
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  3. Makingtrax
    The Bum Squad were desperate for Emery and thought the last window was 9/10. Of course now we're 8th and buying more dross, which they're still excited about btw, they're very confused.So back to blaming Wenger.:-)
    Aug 17, 2020
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  4. GDeep™
    Usual Suspects always fighting the good fight. Defending loyal Arsenal servants, and against criminals and con men who con the club. Don’t forget Kia has a court order for his arrest, and Raul has previous for filling his pockets through deals.
    Aug 17, 2020
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  5. GDeep™
    Bum Squad on the other hand defending and supporting, for whatever reason, people who later had to be removed from Arsenal, very early into their reign, because the jobs they were doing were so bad.
    Aug 17, 2020
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  6. Macho
    Took me ages to work this out. I like neither.
    Aug 20, 2020
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