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arsenal love interest

  1. E

    Canon Without ammuition | Arsenal montage

    Simulation of the fact and the painful reality of the great Arsenal, which is suffering & worsening between the power of money and the loss of steps youtu.be/dKx7f5C0o34 *Note: the production supports English language
  2. sasi

    Top 10 defenders with most goals for Arsenal

    Laurent Koscielny is the defender with most goals for Arsenal in the premier league. Here is the list of defenders with most goals for Arsenal, http://www.batngoal.com/top-10-defenders-goals-arsenal/
  3. Harambe

    New Arsenal fans?

    Well surely you guys heard the news, I am no longer in the U.S. and I just started getting into football after long and hard persuasion from a friend. Stating that Arsenal is the best team out there. However, I do not really know much and am posting this thread to see how many people will help...
  4. Lollipoppins

    Karim Benzema

    Not my words. I'm so sorry. It needs to be done. I'm so very sorry. But it is kinda like brussel sprouts at Christmas ...it just wouldn't be a summer transfer window without it. "ARSENAL are again being linked with Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema. El Confidencial says Arsenal are still...