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  1. E

    Canon Without ammuition | Arsenal montage

    Simulation of the fact and the painful reality of the great Arsenal, which is suffering & worsening between the power of money and the loss of steps *Note: the production supports English language
  2. Harambe

    New Arsenal fans?

    Well surely you guys heard the news, I am no longer in the U.S. and I just started getting into football after long and hard persuasion from a friend. Stating that Arsenal is the best team out there. However, I do not really know much and am posting this thread to see how many people will help...
  3. G

    Back again, trying to drum up interest (and support) in a book I am writing about Arsenal shares

    Just about a decade ago, I created a post asking for support and feedback for a book I was writing on my great-grandfather, Sir Henry Norris. I got some good feedback, and some bad. Well, that book is scrapped. I actually had a publisher, but I just could not finish it -- it was to dry. And...
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