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  1. Rimaal

    UEFA Champions League Group Stage: Matchday 5 (Nov 23rd & 24th)

    Tuesday 23rd of November. All time are GMT+3 Wednesday 24th of November. All times are GMT+3
  2. RunTheTrap


    I'm not sure if there is a thread about this so I thought I would take it upon myself to make one. As you can tell, the name of this thread is a portmanteau of 'Arsenal' and 'Exit' which is rather fitting for the circumstances we have found ourselves in. In honour of leaving the EU, Arsenal have...
  3. Riou


    Read an article on BBC today about the best ever Champions League semi-finals, got me thinking about my favourite ever Champions Leagues games...then got me thinking about a new thread! Share some of your favourite ever Champions League matches and why, putting it in the "Football Talk" section...
  4. tap-in

    CL Qualification or FA Cup Win

    I wanted to ask this in another thread as its been mentioned a few times but I wanted a poll so have to start a new thread. Basically how valuable is top 4? I understand that an FA Cup win is a piece of history, your name on a cup forever. The CL however is the key to the elite door, if you...
  5. turkish gooner

    Turkish League Thread 18/19

    This thread will be updated each game week After 32 games 1 Galatasaray 66 2 M.Başakşehir 66 3 Beşiktaş 62 4 Trabzonspor 57 5 EY Malatyaspor 47 6 A. Konyaspor 42 7 A. Alanyaspor 42 8 Antalyaspor 42 9 Çaykur Rizespor 40 10 Fenerbahçe 40 11 İM Kayserispor 40 12 DG Sivasspor 38 13 Kasımpaşa 38...
  6. Gegen Pressing

    Will you follow Arsène Wenger to his New Club?

    It might surprise some but what if Wenger after patiently waiting on the sideline gets the big offers from Bayern or Barca . Wenger becoming manager at a "Top Club" with CL guaranteed , infinite funds , priority access to local talent market... I will certainly indulge , but will there be a...
  7. M

    Open Letter to Arsène Wenger

    Dear Arsène Wenger, I am a high school student at Bellingham High School in Bellingham Washington, and I have been playing competitive soccer for our local soccer club Whatcom Football Club Rangers since I was able to in seventh grade. I love soccer and I look for different outlets to learn...
  8. H

    Should Arsenal just concentrate on champ league triumph?

    Arsenal is more or less already out of premier league title chase. A usual top 4 finish is boring. In Champ league, they are facing Bayern Munich which is somewhat weaker this season with older players. Arsenal might win it if the players are psyched to win against their bogey team.
  9. U

    Goals UEFA Champions League 2016-17. Group A.
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