1. tap-in

    CL Qualification or FA Cup Win

    I wanted to ask this in another thread as its been mentioned a few times but I wanted a poll so have to start a new thread. Basically how valuable is top 4? I understand that an FA Cup win is a piece of history, your name on a cup forever. The CL however is the key to the elite door, if you...
  2. Proof

    FA Cup: Arsenal v Hull City - 20/02/16, 12:45

    Ospina Chambers Gabriel Mertesacker Gibbs Ramsey Coquelin Chamberlain Özil Alexis Giroud I wouldn't change too much from our today's line-up. The boys have a week off and I badly want us to win three FA Cups in a row, that would be pretty damn special. My only concern is Ospina. The guy...
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