1. OnlyOne

    Fifa 21

    So I basically make this every year since I love, well loved Fifa titles, anyway the first Fifa 19 trailer dropped featuring the Champions League. So, honestly, Fifa 18 was the worst Fifa I have played to date. Everything from Online, career mode and pro clubs was terrible, the scripting...
  2. Mark Tobias

    LGBT and football

    NOTE TO MODS: I've created a few threads. Please PM me if I am becoming a pest. Could not find a thread to this and didn't want to derail this thread although I feel in a way all forms of descrimination are related in some way or another.>...
  3. gabrimo

    Highbury on Fifa 15/16

    Hi everybody, i'm a 3D modeler who has made Highbury for Fifa 15 and 16 for PC. I have a Patreon page where you can choose to be me patron an get access to that classic ground. There's also a free sample of my work, Plymouth Argyle's ground Home Park. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to insert...
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