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must win

  1. SA Gunner

    WSL(Womens Super League) Matchday 7 Arsenal vs Chelsea, 14:30 BST, FT Arsenal 1-1 Chelsea

    This is another big one folks, and unfortunately after the United loss this has turned into a must win. Game on FA Player https://faplayer.thefa.com/home/all
  2. tap-in

    UEL R16 2nd Leg: Arsenal (1) v Rennes (3) | March 14, 2019 20:00 GMT | BT Sport

    Ok everyone seems scared to start this thread, so here goes. A must win game, 2-0 would be enough, 3-1 would see extra time. Great news that Laca is available after his ban was reduced to 2 matches. This gives us a great chance to score the goals we need. I'm not fussed if Auba starts or sits...