1. kraphtous

    Merci Arsène

    Arsène Wenger has issued the following statement: “After careful consideration and following discussions with the club, I feel it is the right time for me to step down at the end of the season. “I am grateful for having had the privilege to serve the club for so many memorable years. “I...
  2. Gegen Pressing

    Will you follow Arsène Wenger to his New Club?

    It might surprise some but what if Wenger after patiently waiting on the sideline gets the big offers from Bayern or Barca . Wenger becoming manager at a "Top Club" with CL guaranteed , infinite funds , priority access to local talent market... I will certainly indulge , but will there be a...
  3. Makingtrax

    Wenger: the red myths descend

    I came here 3 seasons ago and have argued that Wenger has always outperformed his squad cost, which climbed to 4th in 2016/17 for the first time in years. His average finishing position is 2.8. No doubt it puts his achievements into context. Posters argued he was poor against top clubs, even...
  4. M

    Open Letter to Arsène Wenger

    Dear Arsène Wenger, I am a high school student at Bellingham High School in Bellingham Washington, and I have been playing competitive soccer for our local soccer club Whatcom Football Club Rangers since I was able to in seventh grade. I love soccer and I look for different outlets to learn...
  5. B

    Premier League | Stoke City vs Arsenal | 19/08/2017 | 17:30 BST (16:30 UTC) | BT Sport

    Arsenal's second Premier League game is an away fixture against Stoke City. Venue: Britannia Stadium Referee: Andre Marriner Managers: Stoke City - Mark Hughes Arsenal - Arsène Wenger Team News Arsenal: Per and Alexis doubtful and I believe Kos will be serving his final match suspension (I...
  6. C

    Study on ArsenalFanTV!

    Hi everyone, I am a masters student and I'm currently running a research project on the rise of unofficial football fan channels on YouTube like ArsenalFanTV etc. My study is going to be contributing to a growing body of work on YouTube and social media in sport. I could really use your...
  7. M

    As it's Eurovision tonight......

    Came across this managers table voted for by fans. http://www.thesackrace.com/news/13th-may-2017/chelsea-boss-antonio-conte-crowned-eurovision-manager-of-the-year
  8. krackpot

    Arsène Wenger - Karma Catching up?

    He's been the savior, knight, and everything else. But as with so many Bosses, he did have to drop many players, and ended as many careers as he started. I've always felt he did not give a chance to many talented players like Aneke, Afobe, Ozyakup (sp), Frimpong from the last clutch of players...
  9. K

    'Selfie Culture'

    I keep reading negative views recently about our so called 'selfie culture' where the argument is based on our players not taking the game seriously. Did they see the Chelsea performance last week?
  10. M

    What is the issue?

    Hi everyone, Just signed up & this is my first post. I was just wondering about the situation with the arsenal transfers. I dont pay too much interest in other clubs transfers & if they dont sign most rumoured players. Anyway when i watch arsenal & after another unsuccessful season to me & Im...
  11. Tir Na Nog

    Michael Carrick

    We're apparently being linked with a move for Carrick when his contract expires in the summer. The 34 year old will be 35 in July and this will be the 4th time Wenger will make an attempt to sign the English midfielder...
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