£4,750 for new Arsenal season ticket

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by huyha123, Nov 4, 2004.

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    i personally feel the new stadiun will never fill. the arsenals fans are not like united's, pool's and newcastle. if you go to highbury now and look around, you have stiffs sitting there.

    arsenal have catered for the higher class and have screwed the true passinate fan like us. i personally cannot afford to see the Arsenal any more. Mybe on match per basis assuming we van get a ticket.

    the situation could be like the toronto maple leafs in canada where i lived for a while. the fans are fanatics. the tickets are sold out as soon as they come on sale, but when you go to the grounds you see empty seats. whats happens is that big coperations buy the tickets up, and the average street fan left out.
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    I got a nice looking booklet in the post this morning trying to sell me one of these tickets. Ridiculous it is.

    This new ground is going to have a worse atmosphere than Highbury.

    4 grand for a season ticket. :roll:

    Looking at the book, it emphasis on nice bars, restaurants, food, free drinks and nice views over London. Yuppie central.

    You can see it now, "lets have our nice little jaunt down to the Emirates my dear to have our wine, caviar and prawn sandwiches. I will be able to talk about my latest entrepreneurial venture with my chums, and you can talk about the latest fashion trends with the ladies. Hopefully there wont be a dreadfull racket coming from the pleds below. We may even watch a bit of this soccer thing if that chap Terry Unray kicks a ball into a goal a few times. If not we will leave early and take the jet home to surrey."

    8,000 of these people.
  3. Chips&CurrySauce

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    8,000 people in a stadium of £60,000 is no big deal. This attitude if you ask me is envy, simple as that. People who aren't particularly afluent love to have a dig at those who have made a success of their lives (this is very common in England)... Jesus if you can't afford it just get over it, instead of all this *****iness! There will be loads of cheaper seats available aswell. I just don't see what the problem is...
  4. Taozhe

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    it is understandable that some will be upset with the high prices of a season ticket. But they are not fixed yet, if I am not mistaken. perhaps when we take a look at the ACTUAL price, they may not be as high.

    Ticket sales boost club revenue though, but higher prices make it harder for fans to watch the match. A sad reality of a modern world where entertainment is an expensive service.
  5. Spike

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    Just apply for Red Membership and you'll get a good amount of games per season.

    I think this season, there have been 10 matches roughly which have gone on sale to red members.
  6. solthegunner

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    I think people are going over the top with this 4 grand for a season ticket. If you don't want to pay it...don't.
    Tickets at highbury now are really expensive but not quoted. Tickets in the centre blocks in the east and west upper stands aren't quoted, executive box in the west and directors box in the east aren't quoted. Both of the executive and directors boxes have restaurants and bars behind them. They all go for lunch before the game, tea at half time and probably a drink there afterwards. So whats the difference? The main one being that they've opened it up for people to get tickets because they have more seats there. So its gives the fans more chose.
    So whats the ****ing problem? Being an Arsenal fan and being wealthy aren't mutually exclusive, are they? Edleman has already come out and said they're going to try and keep the same number of £20 and £30 tickets at the new ground.
    Simple, if you don't want to spend 4K for a season (like me) don't but dont expect the tickets to be free for everybody....its not like that now and it would be like that in the future.
    GET OVER IT :cry: :wink:
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    The fact remains that prices at football are just getting silly now, and attendences around the country are proof of this.

    Arsenal have to be very careful with what they charge to get into this ground. I have serious doubts that we will fill this stadium every week, we will for mancs, tottenham and chelsea but for games like Norwich and WBA etc I just cant see it.

    Not only will it look bad, but we will still have large debts to pay off.

    I go to most Arsenal games, and the cost is getting to a point where soon I will have to cut down on the games I go to.
    Football just isnt what it used to be anymore. No atmosphere, no terracing and more and more people who dont have a clue.

    If we mess this up, we will be stuck with a stadium we cant fill and a debt we cant pay off.

    We are going to great lenghts to encourage richer people to buy these new tickets, and I can see the logic behind them - we need money in fast. But, if our success on the pitch stops, which is very possible and will one day, they will no longer want to know. If we have already alienated the most loyal fans (as Arsenal has done to many already) we will be in trouble.
  8. Soler

    Soler New Member Elite

    We can tell.
  9. Spartan

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    where the hell are 20 quid tickets at highbury??!!


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