£40 million for the summer?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Mostarac, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. rashin

    rashin New Member

    we should buy a seriously world class keeper (Hildebrad / Frey / Robinson) and a world class centre back (Kompany / King) If Edu leaves then maybe a dm
  2. gunner01

    gunner01 New Member

    Except for CB and RM I think the squad we have has enough depth to do really well next season. Most of our youngsters got invaluable experience this season and will be better equipped to play more significant roles next season.

    Aliadiare, Lupoli, Smith, Cesc, Flamini, RVP, Clichy, Hoyte, Eboue, Senderos... most of them would easily be 1st choice players in other teams. I don't think we should try go the Chelsea route and have 2 superstars in every position.

    Plus with the new Uefa rulings we either by English or use our academy players.

    As for GK I think Jens should be given till the end of the season to prove he is good enough to be our keeper.
  3. Sammer

    Sammer New Member Elite

    Exactly what I feel. We might want to ad a player in defense, but with Paddy, Gilberto, Flamini, Cesc, Pires, Ljungberg + an Edu replacement, we have nothing to worry about in midfield.

    With Bergy continuing another season, we might want to bring a young talent in (check out Marek Mintal from Nurnberg, currently leading the scoring list in the Bundesliga with 17 goals (at a crappy club)).
  4. icreaser

    icreaser New Member

    priorities are centre back (Kompany) and keeper (Hildebrad/Frey).
    Cesc, Flamini will be better equipped next season, and we've already got vieira and gilberto, on the left we have enough cover, on the right we need to get someone in for freddie if the innevitable happens and JP leaves.
    Up front I feel we've got enough quality, but if bergkamp can't carry on then maybe get an experienced forward coming to the end of his career because I feel Jose (if he stays) and RVP will start to show the reason why we signed them after their experience this campaign.
  5. fuzz

    fuzz New Member

    I'll just echo what many of you have said:
    1)Priority is defense: Quality centre back who can alternate and challenge for first place with Kolo, that should in turn give kolo more competition and maybe be able to release him to rb if we wanted.

    Aquality keeper is along with a quality CB a priority. I'm not sure who, but someone not too old, but wit enough experience. That'll be a difficult one to sort though i think. One thing is for sure Lehmann cannot be our number one next season, nor almunia.

    2)I'd like an out an out striker, but that's just my preference, it's just i'd like to be able to see us give henry a rest when needed and still be able to feel we have a striker who is goal threat, a right midfielder to cover ljungerg if pennant leave might be helpful, but not essential, freddie is playing well these days.

    3)If edu leave i think paddy and gili will be fine and we have two excellent youngsters, but i'd still like to see edu stay. Alternation and giving players a rest is a necessity these days, so i'd love edu to stay.

    To be honest if at the end of the summer transfer window we had bought a quality CB and GK, i'd be pretty very happy, but if we added an additional out and out striker, i'd be delighted.

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