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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by GoonerGurjit, Jul 21, 2006.

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  1. nealbrown

    nealbrown New Member

    I'd rather get fed by Henry. Think of all the chances to put away from a world class talent like Henry.
  2. gunningforglory

    gunningforglory New Member

    has anyone actually seen him play???is he any good???he sounds it!!!
  3. tribe

    tribe New Member

    here's another bit on Dudas, from today's newspaper:


    It says the management of his current club will meet Arsenal people in Vienna or Budapest over the weekend.

    So I guess there's an offer being prepared indeed.
  4. gunnersforever

    gunnersforever New Member

    sounds like a typical Wenger signing. Lets hope he makes it with us.
  5. tribe

    tribe New Member

    there's another blurb on him in today's newspaper:


    it says they had to delay the negotiations scheduled for this past weekend, because Wenger went to tend to his ill father instead. Dudas's club is still waiting for the offer and apparently want to also lure Arsenal to Gyor for a friendly as part of the agreement (??)

    Dudas is now training with Gyor's first team, but was on individual workouts because of an abdominal strain. That kept him out of the team's first two matches (a loss and a win). He says he picked it up while in London, but is now fully fit and is hungry for a debut this coming weekend.
  6. pipa

    pipa New Member

    thank you, tribe, for updating the boy's news.
  7. Clrnc

    Clrnc Well-Known Member Trusted

    wenger's dad is ill? hope he is alright.
  8. YeahBee

    YeahBee Terrible hot takes

    What has happend to this guy? HAs he played any locked doors games?
  9. Miki

    Miki New Member

    Why not? The level of hungarian football is so low that the score would resemble a basketball score. :D Too bad Győr is 300km from where I live :( .

    EMIR8_SOLDIER New Member

  11. pg1989

    pg1989 New Member

    Hope Wenger's dad gets better :(
  12. tribe

    tribe New Member

    Looks like this one might be getting away, Liverpool are coming in to snap him up:


    Arsenal management haven't presented a concrete offer for Adam Dudas, but his trial in London got the eye of other English clubs. Taking advantage of Arsenal's tentativeness, Liverpool Managers Rafa Benitez sent his man Manuel Gonsales to Gyor. He is Liverpool's European player scout and arrived in Hungary accompanied by Sandor Varga, the Hungarian-born agent who was instrumental in getting Andriy Shevchenko to Chelsea.
  13. Peanuts

    Peanuts New Member

    they also said that fran merida would go to liverpool if we want him well get him, his family supports arsenal as well
  14. nealbrown

    nealbrown New Member

    With Lupoli and Bendtner gone, our reserves have Stokes and Aliadiere. We need Dudas just for numbers sakes, as if he wasn't a big enough talent.

    EMIR8_SOLDIER New Member

    ahhh we'll get him..you heard how much he loves arsenal in his interviews and his experience
    wasnt it the same...merida to liverpool....where is he now? lol
    dudas will come arsenal but he needs to be patient
  16. Henry_Pires

    Henry_Pires New Member

    Enough of strikers please.

    What we need is an experiance defender.
  17. Ramy

    Ramy New Member

    I hope wengers dad has a speedy recovery

    As for this Dudas gu has an1 seen him play?

    EMIR8_SOLDIER New Member

  19. Captain

    Captain New Member Elite

    If you read the thread you'll see that a couple of people have seen him play .

    I'm still hoping this one goes through personally.

    If you can think of our most talented youngsters over the years, this guy is right up there with them (and that's including Cesc).

    EMIR8_SOLDIER New Member

    really...great and he also seemed to like our team in his interview
    i think he will join
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