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Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by KingReyes, Jul 29, 2004.

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  1. awooga83

    awooga83 New Member Trusted

    I don't know that save against United albeit a year ago needed pretty quick reaction times if they had dropped like you were saying i don't think he would have saved it.
  2. Endris

    Endris New Member

    Actually a lot of goals scored from long shots are covered up by the wall so the keeper has very short time to react to it. And they've got these new footballs. It sounds absurd as a reason but this WC showed a whole feast of glorious long ball goals against the finest goalkeepers of the world and several mentioned that the new balls wobble in the air and fly unpredictably.
    Otherwise, can't say I noticed lower reactions .
  3. Nutsy

    Nutsy New Member Elite

    Heh Heh oh God, who could forget Jens' first season here. He was an instant Hate figure voted among the opposition fans. To be fair, Jens' first season was not well. but then last season was the high point of his career imo. probaby because he wanted that Germany no.1. I mean who wouldn't pick a guy who outclassed the Italian GK Buffon by keeping a cleansheet in the CLs 2006? (to be fair, Buffon kept a clean sheet in thw WC2006 :?

    I'm not sure how good is this guy aerially. I watched the video about 6 times, I can say he's good, his handling needs some work though, I can say he's good. but again, can't make a definite assumption. To be honest I'd rather have Gordon - He's young and proven.
  4. >YounGunner<

    >YounGunner< New Member

    He show boats to much.
  5. Clrnc

    Clrnc Well-Known Member Trusted

    its dabatable honestly. he has conceded a number of long shots i think he shouldn't be conceding but again, he made a few decent last min saves against sides, reading notably.
  6. Gurgen

    Gurgen New Member Elite

    I've seen him play a couple of times, he's a good player. Definitely better than Aluminium. Everyone knows who my preferred Jens replacement is, but I wouldn't mind Fabianski as number 2 next season to see how it goes.
  7. Captain

    Captain New Member Elite

    As you said mate, it was almost a year ago. These things drop drastically. Lehmann for the most part is still up to it because of his positioning and awareness; he was always a keeper who commited quite early, which on occassion has gotten him to trouble.
  8. stuart

    stuart New Member Trusted

  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Any more updates from Poland or is this just another dead lead now?
  10. awooga83

    awooga83 New Member Trusted

    I know it was a year ago i just haven't seen a goal yet that he has conceded that i really thought he should have got that he clearly looks slow at reacting. I personally haven't seen a noticable decline in that department yet.
  11. PolishGooner

    PolishGooner New Member Elite

    yes. Legia again denied, their sport director said that if Arsenal want Fabianski they must pay more 3 milions

    Fabianski is in squad for league game vs Pogon Szczecin

    there are nice quotes from interview with him, send me a priv if you want them translated
  12. Grampus_Eight

    Grampus_Eight New Member Trusted

    Are Polish players the tallest in Europe? I say this because Fabianski looks a good deal shorter than 190cm. That is the height he's listed at on Wikipedia, which is the same is Lehmann. Almunia is 191cm by the way.

    Most of the players in every highlight video look around his size or taller. Can't see him being able to comfortably and consistently pick off crosses and dominate the box. Challenging Drogba, Terry, Vidic or the aerial threats in the league is much easier when you've got real size.

    I would be incredibly disappointed if we signed Fabianski, even though I know very little about him.

    Boruc is the best (potentially) available keeper in the world, in my opinion. He's got great physical ability, has exceled at the world cup and in the champions league. Won league titles, speaks perfect english (with a glaswegian accent) and he's the perfect age for a goalkeeper to join at 27. Moreover, he's first choice for Poland which has real depth at the position.

    From the matches I've seen he's very commanding and aggressive in the box.

    Craig Gordon isn't anywhere near as accomplished - he's never played at a major competition and it doesn't look like he dominates the box like Boruc does, but Gordon has tremendous upside potential and good frame for a keeper and he's a few years younger than Boruc - he looks to have a pretty good hold on the scotland job and Wenger has already complemented him.

    Last season Lehmann was arguably the best keeper in the world. That should be the standard that the club aim for at such a vital position. Cech makes prevents 7-8 goals every season that almost any other keeper in the world would see in the back of the net, he is the competition in the league and I would like to see us bring in a player next summer who is ready to step in right away and try to compete at the level.

    I can't see how Fabianski would be ready to make such a huge jump in one season. We've waited too long to replace Seaman and went about a destructive game of musical keepers.

    Need to be going for a super-talent like Boruc instead and declare him #1 and go from there.
  13. Captain

    Captain New Member Elite

    He should be signed in the next couple of days apparently.
  14. Grampus_Eight

    Grampus_Eight New Member Trusted

    Fabianski as a future #1 doesn't exactly inspire a lot of faith when Boruc has declared his interest in joining us (as has Gordon).
  15. Captain

    Captain New Member Elite

    Well, I suppose that it is the way it is sometimes. Scouts more qualified then you or I have probably made the call and we have made our move.

    Time will tell if it is the right one.
  16. Pepe LeFrits

    Pepe LeFrits New Member Elite

    What makes you think that, Captain?
  17. Grampus_Eight

    Grampus_Eight New Member Trusted

    You think that our scouts seriously rate him better than Akinfeev, Boruc and Gordon?

    I don't buy that. I think they must like the ratio of his talent and upside potential and is willingness to be 2nd choice until Jens departs compared to his price.

    Does anyone seriously rate Fabianski as better than Boruc?

    Our scouts and coaches don't have a sterling record on goalkeepers in the Wenger-era anyway.
  18. otfgoon

    otfgoon New Member

    Well to be fair the major signings have been Wright, Jens and Almunia. Jens has been terrific, possibly the best goalkeeper in Europe last year. Almunia has been very impressive in the cup competitions and has turned out to be a very good back-up. Wright was a bit of a cock-up but he did seems like a decent keeper before we signed him.

    Gordan has never really struck me as the type of keeper Wenger likes, commanding keepers who can take some pressure off the defenders. He's a good shot stopper and is fairly reliable but he doesnt come out from crosses often.

    Not seen Boruc enough to comment and Akinfeev will simply cost far too much.
  19. PolishGooner

    PolishGooner New Member Elite

    only medical tests left according to press. Something is on the air
  20. Grampus_Eight

    Grampus_Eight New Member Trusted

    Thanks for all the information on this.

    By the way, are players in the Polish league incredibly tall or is Fabianski perhaps not 190cm?

    He doesn't seem as big as Jens in the clips.

    And when he's standing next to Boruc, he looks more than 3cm shorter.

    Finally, am I wrong about Boruc? When I've seen him play at the world cup, champions league matches against Milan and United, he's been spectacular.

    How good is he?
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