Łukasz Fabiański

Discussion in 'Transfer Rumours' started by KingReyes, Jul 29, 2004.

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  1. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

  2. PolishGooner

    PolishGooner New Member Elite

  3. nidza7

    nidza7 New Member

    Do you have a link mate?
  4. PolishGooner

    PolishGooner New Member Elite

    to Polish sources - yes

    Fabianski agreed all details - he will be signed soon for sure. It was confirmed by his agent. More details on request :)
  5. The Man Who

    The Man Who New Member

    At least if this deal is true Wenger is signing a player nice and early rather than being in a mad rush before deadline day and giving the player no time to settle.

  6. Bergy_1995

    Bergy_1995 New Member

    Woo :) This sounds rather promising on the 'Keeper front.

    Touch wood.
  7. PolishGooner

    PolishGooner New Member Elite

    I told you,it is just the matter of days :) Polish invation continues !
  8. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite


    Thanks for all the updates, a few further questions about him...

    What's his handling like?

    Does he deal with crosses well?

    Is his preference to catch or punch?

    Is he as good a shot-stopper as the clips make out?

    How does he control his defence - is he vocal?

  9. AFCFan4Ever

    AFCFan4Ever New Member

  10. gunnerGH

    gunnerGH New Member

    You sound like a worried man asajoseph lol
  11. longrufus

    longrufus New Member Elite

    Bit of a surprise to be honest. I was expecting a new number one to be bought over the summer, Gordon would have been a great buy.

    However this means Wenger has seemingly given Jens the thumbs up for one more year.

    We wont know how good this bit of buisness is until we see the man in the Carling Cup or maybe even the Emirates Cup. Its good that Wenger is bringing him in early, so he can settle in over summer.
  12. j'nuh

    j'nuh New Member

    Funny that only a couple of weeks ago Wenger said he wouldnt sign another keeper and Almunia could easily be number one. I know we should expect no less from him but it seems weird to complete a deal so soon after saying that.

    Almunia must be fuming.
  13. siddharth

    siddharth New Member

    With lehmann signing a new deal we were never going to get a first choice keeper. Also lehmann would never have signed the deal if he had been told so and not telling him would have been unprofessional. I would have preferred Gordon too but lets give this new guy time to prove himself.
  14. asajoseph

    asajoseph New Member Elite

    Not at all - from the Youtube clip alone, he looks quite exciting, though of course you can't really tell all that much from these clips. Hence my questions to someone who's obviously seen a little more of him than I!
  15. Big_Cake

    Big_Cake New Member

  16. USArsenal

    USArsenal H.Y.I.C. Administrator

    we were not going to sign an established keeper with Jens signing another year.. an no proven keeper would have WANTED to sign for us after that... in a season where all teams will be playing towards the Euros, no top notch keeper would want to be second string... that's why Dudek is leaving 'Pool, because he got dropped for Poland before the WC....
  17. gunnerGH

    gunnerGH New Member

    Yeh ive seen that one aswel. The same save is shown 10 times lol. Wouldnt mind seeing one of any bloopers he has made if any that is.

    Youtube shows biased views of players depending on the creator.

    Bet we could put a video together of baptista's time at arsenal and portray him as a hero.
  18. evoh_1

    evoh_1 New Member

    great a nobody that rules us out of getting a world class keeper for the next season as well, ****ing joke what do we have to spend less money then villa and newcastle?
  19. gunnerGH

    gunnerGH New Member

    If you want to compete for the title in our financial position yes
  20. famous no 10

    famous no 10 New Member Elite

    Oh well, haven't seen anything of this guy but I'm hoping he's a class act, and if he is then it's a couple of million well spent.

    I guess Wengers saving his money for that BIG signing....
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