13/14 Season Player Evaluations

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Herbas, May 28, 2014.

  1. Herbas

    Herbas New Member

    This season we lead the league for a long time and finally ended our trophy drought, but still no thread to evaluate all our players? Let's fix this.

    Szczesny - 8 (a very solid season)
    Fabianski - 9 (can't ask more from a backup keeper)

    Sagna - 7 (8 or even 8.5 for the first half of the season, but the second half was kinda poor)
    Mertesacker - 9 (great season)
    Vermaelen - 4 (very dissapointed in him, didn't challenge for the starting spot at all, was unreliable when called upon)
    Koscielny - 9 (monster)
    Monreal - 6 (subpar performances overall)
    Jenkinson - 6 (I don't know actually, too few games to rate him)
    Gibbs - 7 (nothing special)

    Rosicky - 7.5 (difficult to rate, didn't have explosive performances like in the previous two seasons, but did his job well)
    Arteta - 6.5 (not a starting material anymore for me)
    Wilshere - 6.5 (subpar season)
    Özil - 7.5 (acceptable first season, want a lot more in the next season)
    Ramsey - 10 (exceeded even the wildest expectations)
    Cazorla - 7 or 7.5 (huge drop from the previous season)
    Flamini - 6.5 (did his job alright, but too limited)
    Kallstrom - 7 (was alright as a 3645445th choice for a midfielder spot)

    Podolski - 7 (very poor in the first half, only the last couple of weeks saved him from 6 or even 5 rating)
    Giroud - 7.5 (solid season, but the team needed more)
    Walcott - 8 (promising, but missing)
    Chamberlain - 8 (more end product and generally more impact to games)
    Sanogo - 6.5 or 7 (alright, showed some promises, but did little on his own)
    Gnabry - 7.5 or 8 (showed a lot more than I expected and he never looked out of place on the pitch)
  2. Tir Na Nog

    Tir Na Nog In Big Trouble If He Speaks

    Szczesny - 9- (didn't set a foot wrong)
    Fabianski - 8.5 (excellent in the cup)

    Sagna - 6 (was.. meh, most of the season and arguably hindered our attack down the right)
    Mertesacker - 10 (player of the reason in my eyes)
    Vermaelen - 5 (ok whenever was asked to do a job)
    Koscielny - 9 (boss)
    Monreal - 6 (hard working, done a decent job)
    Jenkinson - 5 (didn't have too many games to show his worth)
    Gibbs - 8 (excellent and solid throughout the season, cannot fault him)

    Rosicky - 8 (is always top class whenever relied upon)
    Arteta - 7.5 (good leader/captain and solid as usual)
    Wilshere - 6.5 (needs to improve, world class goal though)
    Özil - 8 (top class, instant impact, slowed down through the middle of the season)
    Ramsey - 9.5 (absolutely world class, shame about the injury, cost us in the end)
    Cazorla - 8 (top class performer once again)
    Flamini - 7 (did the dirty work when expect good stuff)
    Kallstrom - 5

    Podolski - 7.5 (scored a lot in the second half of the season)
    Giroud - 8.5 (22 goals (16 in the league) improved on last season and did a lot considering how no one rates)
    Walcott - 7 (hugely missed)
    Chamberlain - 7.5 (not overly many consistent games but is showing huge potential)
    Sanogo - 6.5 (there's a top striker in there somewhere)
    Gnabry - 7 (did decent when asked of him, looks promising)
  3. say yes

    say yes To Sweet Soulful House Music

    Szczesny - 8
    Fabianski - 8

    Sagna - 8
    Mertesacker - 8
    Vermaelen - 5
    Koscielny - 8
    Monreal - 4
    Jenkinson - 5
    Gibbs - 7

    Rosicky - 7
    Arteta - 6
    Wilshere - 7
    Özil - 7
    Ramsey - 10
    Cazorla - 6
    Flamini - 6
    Kallstrom - 5

    Podolski - 6
    Giroud - 7
    Walcott - 8
    Chamberlain - 7
    Sanogo - 5
    Gnabry - 6
  4. SiMamu

    SiMamu Part time Leeds fan

    Szczesny - 8.5 - come leaps and bounds, generally cutting out a lot of former mistakes. Starting to fulfil his potential and become a keeper we can trust for the next 10-15 years.
    Fabianski - 7.5 - was good when called upon, but I don't feel it's just to give a backup player who barely played 10 games too high a rating.

    Sagna - 7.5 - crossing's been much better this past season, still looks slower than in the past. Sometimes got caught high up the field, but still generally reliable as ever. Going to miss the guy, really hope PSG sign him and not City, they need a RB and I really don't want to see him playing for a domestic rival.
    Mertesacker - 9 - solid, dependable and consistent.
    Vermaelen - 5 - not bad, but he didn't really do much, and when he could've been needed, he was always injured!
    Koscielny - 8.5 - best CB in the league, lower than Per due to giving away a few stupid penalties.
    Monreal - 6 - good against weaker opposition, has a good delivery on him. But against better opposition, his lack of recovery pace becomes painfully obvious, e.g. vs. Man City during 6-3.
    Jenkinson - 5 - not featured as much this season due to the consistency and fitness of Sagna, good to see him get his first goal though.
    Gibbs - 7 - solid and largely consistent. Still struggles with crossing and his fitness concerns have been more evident this season.

    Rosicky - 7 - scored some good goals. Was a reliable option defensively and when the play needed speeding up, not as effective as last season, but with Özil around he wasn't as needed.
    Arteta - 6 - solid v weaker opposition, but was chasing shadows v superior opposition. Not good enough to start anymore.
    Wilshere - 6.5 - scored more goals this season and was good in January. But didn't have the spectacular season we hoped he would, instead a Welshman did.
    Özil - 7 - been hindered by the lack of pace for him to pick out, but he gave the team the spark to be the top of the league for 128 days and finally win a trophy after 9 years.
    Ramsey - 10 - scored the trophy winner, epitomising his season all around. Without him, our title challenge faltered and led to us falling out the race.
    Cazorla - 7 - not as good as last season, especially in terms of productivity. Didn't impose himself on games as much, but only one who showed fight in the first half v Hull.
    Flamini - 6 - a good panic buy, but not starting quality. Decent season, albeit he didn't feature as much in the second half.
    Kallstrom - 5 - provided decent cover and scored an important penalty, but he only 3 times.

    Podolski - 7 - still drifts in and out of games, but scored a lot of goals when fit. Probably best as an impact sub, rather than a starter, as demonstrated v West Ham and Swansea.
    Giroud - 7.5 - had a pretty good goal return, and improved upon last season. However, he still doesn't score in the big games and still misses big chances.
    Walcott - 7 - only fit for 3 months, but showed exactly what we've been missing when fit. His injury adds to the question of what could've been, with his pace, runs and finishing.
    Chamberlain - 7 - better than last season and unlucky with injury, really could've pushed on if it wasn't for his injury in the first game of the season. I expect he'll have a big season next year. Like how Wenger not splurging on Fellaini benefited Ramsey, perhaps not splurging on a winger will benefit Chamberlain.
    Sanogo - 5.5 - couldn't finish his lunch, but gave defenders something to think about when he played.
    Gnabry - 6.5 - good when called upon, possibly should've featured more after Chamberlain, Walcott and Podolski's injuries. Got his first goal too. Drifts in and out of games like Podolski though.
  5. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Wrong, But Rarely

    Szczesny - 7 (improving and steady)
    Fabianski - 7.5 (excellent whenever needed, one of the best)

    Sagna - 6 (steady season, at times his age gets exposed)
    Mertesacker - 7 (great season)
    Vermaelen - 4 (injured alot and average when needed)
    Koscielny - 7.5(monster)
    Monreal - 5 (average)
    Jenkinson - n/a (refuse to rate, not played enough)
    Gibbs - 6 (decent, not really kicking on is he)

    Rosicky - 6 (decent when required)
    Arteta - 6.5 (great at times but father age has caught up and it exposes him)
    Wilshere - 4 (not over the injuries, development stalled)
    Özil - 6.5 (shown flashes of brilliance, still settling in, decent debut season)
    Ramsey - 8, (called him best young midfielder in Europe, 18 months ago, living up to that)
    Cazorla - 4.5 (very poor season, improved as the season finished)
    Flamini - 5 (he tries, but a useless signing in hindsight)
    Kallstrom - (no point rating, thanks for the peno)

    Podolski - 5 (does a good ghost impersonation)
    Giroud - 7.5 (limited player, but he's a soldier, Wenger has placed too much on his shoulders)
    Walcott - 6.5 (good, but can't be relied on to stay fit)
    Chamberlain - 5 (hard to judge, bloke is always injured)
    Sanogo - 3 (too raw, wtf is Wenger playing at)
    Gnabry - 5.5 (Looks a decent peospect)
  6. Suave Gooner89

    Suave Gooner89 New Member

    ^ Fu*king hell, GDeep , you've got some stingy ratings there!

    Littered with 5's and 6's - there's no way we come 4th and win the FA Cup if the majority of our players performed that badly throughout the season.

    He was far from his best, but a 4.5 for Cazorla? Come on, now.
  7. GDeep™

    GDeep™ Wrong, But Rarely

    Cazorla performed way below expectations, closer to my rating than what the others guys have him at ,7/8's.

    The likes of Gibbs, Flamini, Arteta, Chamberlain, Podolski etc, haven't done anything to merit above average ratings, 5/6's are fair.
  8. mo50

    mo50 Active Member Elite

    Szczesny - 7.5 A good season from him. 16 clean sheets is an excellent return.
    Fabianski - 7 Won us the FA cup, nice way to end his career here.

    Sagna - 6 Leaving us at the perfect time. He's finished at the highest level, we can't afford 100k+ for a 31 year old on his last legs. Decent season from him but was exposed plenty of times after the turn of the year.

    Mertesacker - 8 Fantastic season from him. Should be our captain next season.
    Vermaelen - 5 Shaky as hell, I'd look to ship him off. He is finished mentally.
    Koscielny - 8 Absolute rock, best defender in England.
    Monreal - 4.5 A season to forget.
    Jenkinson - N/A
    Gibbs - 6 Good season but still hasn't kicked on to the next level. I hope for more from him next year.

    Rosicky - 6 An average season from him. Those goals vs Sp**s were great.
    Arteta - 6 He can't move anymore.
    Wilshere - 6 Injury hit season with flashes of genius.
    Özil - 6 Still waiting for him to live up to the price tag. Next season is huge.
    Ramsey - 9 Phenomenal midfielder. He could do it all.
    Cazorla - 5 The player I am most disappointed with. Very poor season when you look at how he did last year. He's no wide man and has no purpose there.
    Flamini - 5 Meh.
    Kallstrom - N/A :lol:

    Podolski - 6 He knows where the back of the net is, but he's not winning you titles.
    Giroud - 5 I've said enough about him already.
    Walcott - N/A
    Chamberlain - 6.
    Sanogo - N/A
    Gnabry - N/A
  9. Rain Dance

    Rain Dance Well-Known Member Trusted

    Szczesny - 9 (he did some world class performances)
    Fabianski - 9 (incredible way to end a contract, good luck for your career)

    Sagna - 7.5 (offensively abysmal, but he is solid defensively can't think of a **** up)
    Mertesacker - 9 (The head of the defensive unit)
    Vermaelen - NA ( was injured most of the time, I didn't see him when he play)
    Koscielny - 9 (world class)
    Monreal - 6 (unsure why he isn't performing)
    Jenkinson - NA (too few games to rate him, good goal)
    Gibbs - 6.5 (playing like a winger more than once, had his positive but his negative still there)

    Rosicky - 7 (33 years old still one of the fastest player, incredible record against Toothnumb)
    Arteta - 6 (sloow)
    Wilshere - 6 (need to concentrate more on football)
    Özil - 7.5 (Between good and excellent)
    Ramsey - 9.5 (If only you weren't injured...)
    Cazorla - 6 (disappointing season)
    Flamini - 6.5 (too reckless)
    Kallstrom - NA (didn't see him)

    Podolski - 6 (not enough goals)
    Giroud - 8 (22 goals and 12 assists, too limited though)
    Walcott - 7 (injured almost the whole season)
    Chamberlain - 7.5 (great improvement)
    Sanogo - 6 (looked like a young adebayor)
    Gnabry - 7.5 (should have start more)
  10. jinjin5000

    jinjin5000 New Member

    Szczesny - 8 -Great season, has been steadily impressing and saved Arsenal's arse here and there in matches. I remember lots of complaints were Arsenal not having a keeper that could win matches instead of costing them and there finally seemed to be a solution
    Fabianski - 8 - Great backup. Sad to see him go. Great FA cup run.
    Viviano - ? - anyone seen him since the introduction video?

    Sagna - 7.5 - Would be higher but he kinda died off midway but still was solid throughout
    Mertesacker - 8 - great season, solid partnership with koscielny but was exposed a bit in big games. No fault on him himself but...
    Vermaelen - 5 - was professional and did not complain but he simply could not break through despite having the captaincy. When he did play, he proved he wasn't as good as the mertcielny pairing. Can't fault him but not good enough to cement as first choice.
    Koscielny - 9 -great season, saving Arsenal's backside with crucial goals, defending. Best centerback Arsenal had in long while. Came long way from that disaster of first season
    Monreal - 5.5 - Came into Arsenal labelled as quality "almost best in spain" but failed to impress. When he did play, he was very unstable and did not feel safe at all.
    Jenkinson - N/A- Didn't play enough to say much but good for him for his first league goal.
    Gibbs - 7 - Solid but needs to work on his attacking. His defending is satisfactory and dependable but his attacking runs just don't produce much despite him getting into positions.

    Rosicky - 7 - super sub option, same as always, excellent, brings faster tempo when on, great, great goal against Sp**s and brilliant goal against sunderland.
    Arteta - 6 - mediocre season. Didn't seem all that dependable as before
    Wilshere - 6 - riddled with injuries, very mediocre. Same problems as the season before in performance. Not convincing but hopefully he will improve!
    Özil - 6.5 - disappeared in and out of games. His first season so nothing too harsh. Had injuries in mid of the season follwing and followed by mediocre performances.
    Cazorla - 6.8 - regressed from season before where he was brilliant and was chalking up as one of best attacking mid in league. Now he seemed less effective wherever he performed. Still great option but didn't really live up from last year's great performance.
    Flamini - 6.5 - great performance at start but faltered later. Good squad option
    Kallstrom - N/A - good penalty I guess.
    Ramsey- 9 - Most improved player of this season and the highlight of this season. Just sublime and you can really see how much of an impact he gives when he comes on the pitch. I would have never imagined this much of improvement and level he showed this season beforehand. Completely different player from the scapgoat and target of constant bashing from last season where he often under-performed and failed to impress. To be fair, last season he had abysmal first half and below-average second half so it was probably justified on people calling him out but proved this season that Wenger knows, exploding into spotlight and scoring many vital goals and contributing to the midfield buildup. Shame really, about the injury. Who knows how far arsenal could have gone...

    Podolski - 6 -unconvincing. Horrid first half of season but got better in second half and scored some great goals. Overall mediocre though.
    Giroud - 7.5 - solid but missed chances in big games which knocks off a point or half. Part of great team goals but his finishing (against big teams) needs a lot of work. His first half of season was excellent though. Would be very very good number 2 or 1.5.
    Walcott - 7 -Only if he was fit. Gah.
    Chamberlain - 6.5 - showed some improvement and gave noticeable impact in games when he came on but again, injuries.
    Sanogo - 6.5 - shows great promising signs but his goals aren't coming. Really lighted up when he got on for FA cup final.
    Gnabry - 6.5 - showed great promise but injuries again?
    Bendtner- 5.5 - Showed capability and scored crucial goal but showed to the world once again of his **** attitude.
  11. Mastadon

    Mastadon Well-Known Member

    Szczesny - 7 - Much steadier this season and earned his first team spot. Delivering on his massive potential
    Fabianski - 7 - Good when called upon although he could easily have cost us the cup with his late crazy moment in the final. Wish him all the best but never been a fan
    Sagna - 8 - Defensively solid as usual. Great defender will be very sad to see him go
    Mertesacker - 8 - Great partnership with Kos and been a leader although I hated seeing him play to the crowd at Özil's expense
    Vermaelen - 5.5 - Average season was in and out of the team and didn't make much of an impression. The captaincy must be embarrassing for him and the real captain in the squad (whoever he is)
    Koscielny - 9 - Top class player and defender and delighted to see him sign a 5 year contract
    Monreal - 6 - Average performances. Really expect much more from a Spanish international rated as highly
    Jenkinson - 6 - When he played he was solid enough. Cant remember anything good or bad apart from one goal
    Gibbs - 7 Good solid season interrupted by injuries as usual

    Rosicky - 7 - Great squad player and what a goal against Spuds. Definitely want him around next season.
    Arteta - 5.5 - On his last legs and needs to be replaced. Looked awful at times.
    Wilshere - 6 - Average season. Needs to do much better and should be sat on the bench until he does.
    Özil - 6.5 - Started well but was poor in many games when we needed him and shocking against Bayern Munich. Excusable in his first season.
    Ramsey - 9 - Player of the season alongside Kos. Fantastic all round and great improvement.
    Cazorla - 6 - Average season with a few good moments. Needs to improve a lot more.
    Flamini - 6 - Very good early on and a leader on the pitch. Would keep him ahead of Arteta although both have no place in the 1st 11.
    Kallstrom - NA - Utterly disgraceful this was the only signing we made when we were top of the table and challenging for the title (not his fault)

    Podolski - 6 - Doesn't really fit in anywhere and Wenger had him way down the list when everyone else was fit. Great impact player to keep around if he doesn't mind a squad position.
    Giroud - 7 - Very good return in terms of goals and assists but we all know his deficiencies.
    Walcott - 7 Sadly injured for most of the season.
    Chamberlain - 6 - In and out. Never got going. Massive talent that will come good
    Gnabry - 6 - Very good first few games. Had a couple of bad games and was hidden away for the rest of the season. Should have played more
    Sanogo - 5 - Too raw for the PL yet Arsenal are surely the only top 7 or 10 club that would have given him as much game time in big matches. Hopefully we see the benefit from it next season.
  12. Impact

    Impact Well-Known Member

    For my mind, GDeep is closest to the truth. I think our FA Cup victory has skewed some people's perceptions of our season. We were solid, if unspectacular all year round - with a few shocking performances in the big games. Only a few players should warrant over 7s and over (Szczesny, Fabianski, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Ramsey, Giroud).
  13. jinjin5000

    jinjin5000 New Member

    bit negative ain't it :mrgreen:
  14. CurryFlavoured

    CurryFlavoured Well-Known Member

    Szczesny - 8 Huge improvement
    Fabianski - 8 Flawless whenever called upon

    Sagna - 7.5 Still a brilliant defender, he'll be missed
    Mertesacker - 8.5 Rock solid, still under appreciated
    Vermaelen - 5 A liability any time he played
    Koscielny - 8.5 Brilliant, him and Per were a big reason for our success
    Monreal - 4.5 Really disappointing, a liability against any decent opposition
    Jenkinson - didn't play enough
    Gibbs - 6.5 Fairly standard, good but nothing special

    Rosicky - 6.5 Good squad player, very reliable but not much else
    Arteta - 6 In decline, not a good season but not nearly as bad as people made out
    Wilshere - 5 Really disappointing, the odd flashy performance but poor for the most part
    Özil - 6.5 Very good in flashes but we need more next season
    Ramsey - 9 Our best player this season
    Cazorla - 6 On the whole he's been average, not helped being pushed out wide
    Flamini - 5.5 Admire his attitude but he just runs around a lot
    Kallstrom - didn't play enough

    Podolski - 6 Very good squad player, not good enough against top quality
    Giroud - 6 He huffs and puffs but doesn't have the quality
    Walcott - Didn't play enough, but very effective when he did
    Chamberlain - 6.5 Showing glimpses but he still needs to push on
    Sanogo - 4.5 Very raw, tries very hard but he needs a loan
    Gnabry - 5.5 Looked promising the few times he played
  15. Impact

    Impact Well-Known Member

    Just honest. :lol:

    With some of the ratings in here, you would think we had won the League or Champions League or had a sustained title run in (as in being serious contenders going into the home straight - last 5 games).

    Ramsey at 10? He had a fantastic season but 10? Despite whose fault it was, he wasn't even available for half the season. Further, he still has a lot to learn about playing central midfield - left his partner exposed at times with his lack of positional discipline. 10 means no real room for improvement. He's a 9 maximum for me.

    I also am uncomfortable giving Mertesacker and Koscielny such high ratings considering they took part in our embarrassing defeats to our closest rivals this year.
  16. Giroud

    Giroud Well-Known Member

    Szczesny - 8
    Fabianski - 8

    Sagna - 7.5
    Mertesacker - 9
    Vermaelen - 6
    Koscielny - 9
    Monreal - 6
    Jenkinson - not played enough
    Gibbs - 6.5

    Rosicky - 6
    Arteta - 7
    Wilshere - 6.5
    Özil - 7.5
    Ramsey - 9
    Cazorla - 7
    Flamini - 6
    Kallstrom - not played enough

    Podolski - 6.5
    Giroud - 7
    Walcott - not played enough
    Chamberlain - 6.5
    Sanogo - 5.5
    Gnabry - not played enough
  17. Herbas

    Herbas New Member

    I think that some people (me included) gave relative ratings, considering what was expected from them before the season. Ramsey does have some aspects to learn, but he improved so much this season that it's not really possible to do more in a single season.

    I gave Gnabry 8 and Özil 7.5, but it does not mean that in my view Gnabry was more beneficial to the team than Özil. It's just that no one really expected the 18 y/o youngster to feature this season at all, but he did help us massively in 2-3 games
  18. SiMamu

    SiMamu Part time Leeds fan


    Bendtner - 5.5 - decent when called upon, still lazy though. But better than Sanogo.
  19. Impact

    Impact Well-Known Member

    Szczesny - 7.5
    Fabianski - 7

    Sagna - 7
    Mertesacker - 7
    Vermaelen - 6
    Koscielny - 7.5
    Monreal - 5
    Jenkinson - 5
    Gibbs - 6

    Rosicky - 6
    Arteta - 6.5
    Wilshere - 6
    Özil - 6.5
    Ramsey - 8.5
    Cazorla - 6
    Flamini - 6
    Kallstrom - 5

    Podolski - 6
    Giroud - 7.5
    Walcott - 6
    Chamberlain - 6
    Sanogo - 5
    Gnabry - 5.5
    Bendtner - 5
  20. MaestroCesc

    MaestroCesc New Member

    Hard to take any ratings which have Fabianksi level or above Szczesny. Chez played the whole season at a very high level, one of our best players. Dominant in the air and made some brilliant saves. Hardly made any mistakes.

    Fabianksi played like 7 games, where he did very well. However he nearly single handedly gave the cup to Hull, if Aluko had been competent it would have been 3-3. Weeks earlier Chez dominated his box v Hull, in the final they dominated our box. Even against Pool, Agger should have scored due to him coming and missing the ball. No clue why Arsenal fans don't appreciate Szczesny properly.

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