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  1. redwhiteAustrian

    redwhiteAustrian Tu Felix Austria Administrator

    Quite happy with most of the players this season, our squad has been used well (due to a bit of rotation, but more due to injuries), so a rating for half a season isn't as "unfair" as it might be from an outsider's point of view....

    Szczesny - 8
    Has really picked up some form over the last couple of months, and bar two obvious mistakes against West Ham and Newcastle, he's done fine enough. New contract absolutely spot on.

    Gibbs - 7.5
    Solid defensively, okay-ish in attack, but the biggest surprise for me has been his fitness and relative lack of injuries. Hopefully that continues into 2014.

    Monreal - 6
    Bar the City game, he's done okay when being played. A good back up for Gibbs, and I'm glad that we've gone from Clichy and/or Santos to Gibbs and Monreal.

    Kos - 9
    Picked up some form after a slow start to the season, and alongside Merte, he's a sublime CB. His style of play is perfect for us, and he's come a long way since he arrived at the club.

    Merte - 9.5
    Brilliant CB for us, I never thought he could ever regain his Werder/Hannover-form after he'd arrived here, but he proved me wrong in nearly every department. I knew he's a solid CB, but in 2013, he's been nothing short of being great.

    Verms - 6
    He's done well when called upon, but has no chance to take the place off any of Kos and Merte. Still a decent enough option in case one of these two gets injured.

    Sagna - 8
    I've got to hold my hands up - after last season, I thought his time was up, and wasn't keen on a new contract for him. However, this season, he's been great and I'd be more than happy if he gets that new piece of paper signed sooner, rather than later.

    Jenks - 6
    I thought he did well most of the time he had to play. However, a loan would do him well I'm afraid, at the moment he's still far too much hit and miss in his performances (understandably).

    Flamini - 7.5
    I wasn't against that signing in the first place, because with Flamini, you just knew what you'd get. He added steal to our midfield and his spirit is the perfect attagement to our overall midfield options. He's got some valuable experience during his Milan days, and that will eventually make him a better player for us than in 2007/08 for example. I also think he benefits from our new setup, compared to his last season here.

    Arteta - 7
    He struggeled a bit with injuries and form, and I do think Wenger is trying to find a new central midfield without him as a definite starter, which means he'll eventually find himself on the bench as this season goes on. Still rate him highly as a midfielder, and for certain games he's still the better alternative to Wilshere or even Flamini.

    Ramsey - 10
    I don't think I need to say much here. I always thought he has it in him to be a brilliant player, but the way he....proved my hunch, came out of nothing. He started to perform well at the turn of the year, and went from strength to strength during the current campaign. Glad that he gets a (forced) break now, he needed that.

    Jack - 6.5
    I don't think he's done as bad as many seem to think. Taking his injuries and fitness into account, I think he's done acceptably. I'm deadsure he will find his way back towards the top performers of the squad next year, he is that good.

    Özil - 7
    We always knew he'll need some time to fully adjust here, so I'm not as disappointed as I could be, going by his price tag. I think he'll kick on in the second part of this season, like Jack and Santi.

    Santi - 6
    I think he struggles with fitness more than anything else at the moment. The huge amount of games he played last season, coupled with the useless CONFED Cup last June are responsible for the current slump, but he has it in him to regain form, and he will.

    Theo - 6.5
    Injured for quite some time, it seems he quickly finds his form again, which is great to see. I expect huge things from him next year, he's amongst the most experienced players in this side, and his goalscoring form has been on the up ever since the last couple of seasons.

    Poldi - 6
    Had a decent start to the season, but his injury dealt him a huge blow. Just returned from it and played a huge part in beating West Ham. Expect him to kick on in the second part of the season, he'll surely be hungry to get his place in the german team back.

    Giroud - 8
    Great start to the season, but a little dip lately. Going by his standards and what he's capable of, he's done brilliant so far, and if he gets that much needed rest, he'll pick up some form again. I really hope Wenger signes a new CF, I'm sure Giroud will benefit from that too.

    Gnabry, Sanogo
    Gnabry played a couple of minutes, but not enough to properly rate him, same with Sanogo.

    Diaby, Ox, Bendtner
    Don't think any of them deserves/justifies a rating at this point, for various reasons (injuries, no future at this club, etc).
  2. SiMamu

    SiMamu Part time Leeds fan

    RWA, you forgot Rosicky.
  3. DJ_Markstar

    DJ_Markstar Well-Known Member

    Szczesny - 8 - stepped up a level this season, looking good but needs to cut out the predictable 1 gaffe per game.

    Gibbs - 7 - Solid season, needs to improve end product.
    Mertesacker - 9 - Who needs pace when you have 7 foot limbs? Virtually unbeatable in the air and reads the game like a Kindle.
    Koscielny - 11 - How ****ing good is he?
    Sagna - 7.5 - improved his crossing, re-discovered his solidity. Still poor going forward but overall solid contribution.
    Monreal - 6.5 - Would like to see more, solid but unremarkable when called upon.
    Jenkinson - 7 - good in patches, most forget how good he is when he's out of the team, still has a lot to learn

    Arteta - 5.5 - Been pretty average this season, gets run through by any decent midfield at the moment. Needs to sort his form out, valuable squad member when on form.
    Rosicky - 7 - solid but never outstanding, typical squad player material now
    Wilshere - 7 - He's been up and down, either delivers 5/10 or 9/10 performances. 7 is fair, but he could do so much better.
    Ramsey - 9 - What a season he's had. Hardly put a foot wrong until his injury.
    Özil - 8 - doesn't seem to do a lot in games but more often than not comes up with a decisive piece of play to win the game. Absolute quality and still adjusting.
    Cazorla - 6.5 - Still recovering from injury, obvious quality but needs to get back to his best.
    Flamini - 7.5 - solid grafter, a much needed presence in the squad.

    Walcott - 7 - been injured but has shown glimpses of game-changing ability.
    Giroud - 6 - Giroud is good but not good enough for us, still he has stepped up this season and has performed admirably even during his drought. Must improve his goal return if he wants to remain first choice striker.
  4. Vela

    Vela Member

    Szczesny - 8
    Gibbs - 7
    Monreal - 6.5
    Kos - 8
    Mertesacker - 9
    Verm - 6.5
    Sagna - 8
    Jenkinson - 6.5
    Flamini - 6.5
    Arteta - 6.5
    Wilshere - 7
    Ramsey - 9
    Özil - 7.5
    Rosicky - 7
    Cazorla - 6.5
    Gnabry - 7
    Walcott - 7
    Podolski - 6.5
    Giroud - 7.5
    Bendtner - 6.5
  5. yuvken

    yuvken New Member Elite

    Exactly. I love Per no end, and he's been sublime. But I just don't get it how everyone seems to rate him higher than the best CB in the world.
  6. redwhiteAustrian

    redwhiteAustrian Tu Felix Austria Administrator

    Sorry, should've stayed away from the Alcohol before typing my post!

    Rosicky - 7
    He turned into a pretty reliable player during the years of 2012 and 2013, and despite his age still offers that burst of pace and quick dribbling through midfield, we often lacked in the past. Great to have him in the squad, and great to see his fitness levels.
  7. Rain Dance

    Rain Dance Well-Known Member Trusted

    consistency, Kos got a slightly lower point cause he made more error than Per (cue : red card and penalty conceeded).
    Overall its a very high score for Kos and only 0.5 - 1 point difference with Per.
  8. fabo

    fabo 6.51 / 10

    Per has been our best CB this season.

    I'm baffled by people rating Flamini so high, or in other words, higher than Arteta - anyone care to list his best displays? Because I bet we'll be struggling to come up with five quality ones. I'll start off........Napoli home.....
  9. Caz19

    Caz19 New Member

    Sp**s at home when he came on at half time? (and tackled a Sp**s player after about 2 seconds :lol: )
  10. Vinci

    Vinci The Sultan of Unai

    Szczesny - 8
    Has made some world-class saves and won us a couple of games. Still makes the occasional error, but I'm not too worried. He often goes through stints of games without being called upon much, but he is there when needed.

    Gibbs - 6.5
    Defensively he has been better, although he still a lot to learn. His recovery pace is great, so that has helped him a lot there. His decision making in the final third needs to improve.

    Mertesacker - 9
    Immense. Rock solid partnership with Koscielny.

    Koscielny - 9
    Such a brilliant player. Positionally he always seems to be in the right place to intercept crosses and passes.

    Sagna - 7.5
    Much better than last season. Defensively he has been great, especially when we were with our back against the wall. Hope he stays for a few more years and plays his trade at CB.

    Monreal - 6.5
    Not had much of a chance, but I like him. He is a bit more assured and decisive in the final third than Gibbs, I think.

    Vermaelen - 6.5
    Did well enough when he needed to step in. Still makes these forward runs when he shouldn't and is a bit careless. Happy to have him as back-up CB, but I fear he may be off in the summer.

    Jenkinson - 6
    Lots of commitment and lots of running, but Arsenal grade? I'm not sure.

    Arteta - 6.5
    Had two great games, against Liverpool and Dortmund, but has been overrun by powerful midfielders. I love his commitment, though. He never shies away from tackles and gives it his all.

    Rosicky - 7
    Great energy and drive. He has shown his value, but his lack of end-product is a downside.

    Wilshere - 7
    World-class talent, but struggling a bit. His role isn't defined and his fitness has never been 100% I feel.

    Ramsey - 9
    What more is there to say? Best player in the league for the first few months. Form dropped a bit last month, but probably needed a little break.

    Özil - 7.5
    Still adapting to the league, but has shown moments of genius and there is always end-product with him, even if he isn't playing well. I think Wenger has really overplayed him, though. He played about every game since his arrival, at Madrid he would get subbed after 70 minutes in many games.

    Cazorla - 6.5
    Not as influential as last season, still a very good player, though. Hopefully he will find form soon enough.

    Flamini - 6.5
    A true guard dog in front of the back five. Barking out orders to everyone, chasing balls and making crunching tackles when necessary. Has been very useful in certain games. It's good to have him around.

    Walcott - 7
    Hasn't played many games, but has shown in the little games he played that he is incredibly important to the team.

    Giroud - 7.5
    Started the season off really well, but has gotten in a bit of a slump lately. He deserves more credit than he is getting, considering the amount of games he has had to play and his hard work. He still flushes too many chances, but he is playing to the best of his ability.

    Bendtner - 6
    Been alright I guess. Still, it's a bit of a joke that this guy is even on our bench. Should have shifted and replaced long ago.

    Podolski, Gnabry - 6.5
    Neither has played much, but both add a different dimension to the team and thus are valuable. I hope Gnabry gets a loan, he needs more game-time.

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