1979 Cup Final

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I have it on DVD, so yous can come round and watch it if you want!

Honestly Brady is so far ahead of every other player on the pitch it's scary, he played like a player way ahead of his time tbh, would fit into a Pep side ffs.


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Think they showed it on ITV during the first lockdown as well. Amazing game. Moore and Clough on commentary excellent as well.

Long before my time but annoys me the more modern day fans don't give Brady enough credit when talking about legendary Arsenal players. I've only seen videos of him but would easily get into any of the Arsenal title sides under Wenger.

Stapleton looked a brilliant striker as well, upset a lot of fans when he left for United similar to the RVP from what I've read.


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This is one of our best finals ever.

Imagine United coming back from 2 down in the last minute, only to still lose...would have loved to have been a fan for this :drool:

Brady could be the only Arsenal legend, to not won the league with us...looked an elite player.

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