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2030 World Cup: Morocco, Spain & Portugal


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Hope it goes back where all started, in South America, I'm not a fan of too many countries involved (Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay), but hey their names together is CHUPAR, which is a slang way to say "to drink or suck" in spanish.
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No thanks to a WC in Morocco, more than enough public funds going into private hands as it is. South America should get it, Ukraine is in no shape to host anything let alone a joint tourney where teams would have to fly 5-6 hours and Saudi Arabia joining Egypt and Greece is almost as ridiculous.


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Football is so ****ing weird these days :lol:

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Im so confused about the amount of corruption going on here. Also i don't understand the first 3 games will be played in South America?

Also in 2034 we all know what country gonna host the world cup.

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The @celestis @Rain Dance @Clrnc bid sounds interesting
adding @Arai
our countries have the stadiums, the football culture, and the nice weather. It will be a grand celebration.
Saudi Arabia has the money
PS : Indonesia head of FA is ex-Inter Milan owner, Eric Tohir

FIFA is not gonna choose us
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