A Bald Man's Chester City

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by clockwork orange, Sep 13, 2015.

  1. Mark Tobias

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    It got out of hand
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  4. If there's one thing Guardiola seems to have a lot of, it's self-confidence.

    Good, comfortable win last night for us, at a ground we traditionally struggle for 3 points.

    Lovely to see 'El Mago' bang in a couple of goals, such a joy to watch, going to be devastated when he finally leaves, hard to believe I've had the pleasure of his displays for nearly 8 years already, and to think, people thought he was too lightweight for this league.

    £24m well spent.
  5. Rimaal

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    This bit made me chuckle: "The Bayern president feels he could have prevented relations between the doctor and Guardiola deteriorating so badly, had he not been serving a jail term for tax evasion at the time."

    I could imagine his thought process here;
    Bayern president:
    "Oh if only I had paid my taxes, I could have smoothed things over for the coach and the physio. Nevermind avoiding jail, scandal, loss of reputation, and leaving my family :lol: those are nothing compared to Bayern's staff squabbles."
    "I should have been there... DAMN IT!" mentally slaps himself in the face several times in an inward expression of violent remorse. "Damn the government!"
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  6. <<reed>>

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    Selfish disruptive Kevin
  7. Mark Tobias

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    When you have the ball more often you have more opportunity to create and in this sport the greatest chances are often born out of incredible risk... I'd say that just as picking up a fair amount of cards is in the job description of a defensive midfielder, this would be the result of a brilliant creative player. Alexis was the same...

    Having said that it is clear that KDB is elevated by what he has around him. Wish we would build squads like that. . . . To compliment the other players we have.
  8. 22 times per game? I find that hard to believe. He hasn't been quite as effective recently but it would have been impossible to keep up the form of the first 25 games.
  9. BBF

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    City are struggling to sell tickets in their home leg against Liverpool. Pathetic club.
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    A precedent physio vs Manager case is Mourinho vs Carneiro . It was "solved" through Mourinho pleading guilty to tax evasion after summoned to spanish court although it might have been Carneiro playing her cards at the right moment. Excellent. It broke Mou who's never been the same since.
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  11. We played home to Chelsea the game after Carneiro left, think it was Cahill went down injured and when the physios came on, the whole of the South Stand were singing 'Sacked in the morning! You're getting sacked in the morning!' followed by 'Eva, Eva, Eva, Eva!' was very amusing at the time, tho Maureen didn't seem amused when the camera panned round to him!
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    You should be more careful what you post mate....and for Gods sake don't read the Liverpool Echo haha!!!......the home leg at City is sold out.
  13. Careful what I post? Please explain?

    Saw it earlier, and laughed my nuts off. The tickets only went on sale to member with previous purchase history sometime on Monday ffs. Talksport and the Daily Mail brought it up too, one even showed a photo from the Italy-Argentina match last week at our place to try and justify the 'Emptihad' headline.

    They (Liverpool Echo and LFC fans in general) are absolutely insufferable. The way they have tried to build this tie up is embarrassing.

    I believe the game sold out earlier today, it never reached general sale, as some would have you believe.
  14. hydrofluoric acid

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    And people rate him above Özil. Sad.
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  15. BBF

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    Rubbish. This fixture would sell out within 20 minutes here.
  16. There's a reason for that, he is better.

    I don't believe that stat either, especially seeing as there are games he has a near on 90% pass success rate.
  17. Juan Matas Beard

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    They're struggling to sell for their CL Game against Liverpool. My mate has managed to get free tickets for quite a lot of people from work.
  18. Juan Matas Beard

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    Expecting quite a few Liverpool fans to get the tickets that are made for general sale.

  19. <<reed>>

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    Don't City fans have some problems with UEFA? I remember they booed the CL anthem for a reason.
  20. Tir Na Nog

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    ****ing embarrassing club, imagine Pep going from well supported clubs in Barca and Bayern to managing in front of 75% full stadium even when the club is having the best period in its history playing great football with amazing talents.

    As annoying as I find Liverpool fans and the whole media bias towards that club I'd rather see them representing England in a semi-final (hope they get knocked out then tho) than City.
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