Euro 2020 A-M Euro 2020 Prediction Pool


Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so.
Pretty good at Fantasy football but I can see myself being awful at this. Something to do I guess. 😅
We need all the members we can get. Only 5 so far, we had like 40 for Euro 2016 ffs.

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Cheers I already signed up but you make a good point, I think it would be good if there's an announcement banner on top of the main forums, that highlights these types of things that are going on. Not sure how easy it is to add though.

But you could argue we're just being lazy and not looking hard enough.


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I'm so terrible at predicting games that the only way I can predict a result with any certainty is if @American_Gooner predicts a win, I know they'll lose. It also makes watching the games too stressful.