Euro 2020 A-M Euro 2020 Prediction Pool


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Remember how Southampton were top of the league in November then in a relegation fight a few months later? That's me.

That reminds of when Hasenhüttl was crying against Liverpool.



You can easily come back into the PL tbf. Two exact results and you’re back at the top which is why this game is better than fantasy football.


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got it wrong in 5 out of the last 6 games .... ah was a nice run while it lasted. Top of the table till Juneteenth ...

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Top 4, didn't know I could get this far with Fergie and Wenger at their prime playing
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Forgot to predict results for yesterday’s games. Surprisingly got 2 points by default for Italy/Swiss winning.

Heads up for those at the bottom of the table 🤔


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Had not watched internationals for a while so was not really up to date at the start.

Now that I got a hang of all this I feel a late title push coming.