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He’s saying you’d be pissed if someone paid full price for cigarillos instead of using a coupon.


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@Gdeep in 2nd place all you who attack his objective criticisms of football are in the mud. Bro if you win this i want tell on deets on the Alien encounters. I promise no anal probing jokes.

Farzad and UTG in battle at 9th. Although I don’t understand why i am 9th as i am equal on points with 7th. Very happy either way good games. I don’t watch international but in big tournament so not bad so far. Plus now i know more about teams.


League is very weak
I doubt I’ll finish top 10 or even top 20. I’m sure I started fast last time, I was around top 5 for ages before I crashed and burned. Probably be similar now.

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I think without doubt that Bergkamp is the most talented player to have played for Arsenal in the past 30 years, for as long as I can remember

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2024 Summer Transfers Deadline

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Tuesday, July 16

Arsenal have rejected a £30m bid for Emile Smith Rowe from Fulham, who are now considering a second bid [Simon Jones - MailSport]

Marseille are keen to sign Eddie Nketiah as they look to replace the outgoing Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang [Simon Jones - MailSport]

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