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Did you bet against our boy Kai?

Disgusting behaviour hope you enjoy your tainted time at the top, well until you bottle it anyway 👍
Was a strategic approach. The idea was if I bet against them I would at least get Superbru points for it. :lol:

Oh I'm going to bottle it for sure. I feel like I'm Arsenal right now. Top of the league with the finishing line in sight and I'm going to lose my nerves and bottle it with a couple of bad performances.


Vrei sa pleci dar una una iei

As predicted I’m heading the way of the dodo as per usual. Could never keep it up, I’m weak under pressure


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Exact score 🔥🔥🔥


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Wait, look who is wearing the golden cap? Let me guys just remind you every genius was mocked and called mad by his sheep brained contemporaries. Just remember that the next time you decide to take a run at the kid. I am just the messenger; i did not ask to be a football and general genius.


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@A_G a quick rules check what does the Golden cap signify? Can you explain that my friends @jones and @Rex Stone want to know.
As per the rules:

In every pool, the player with the highest score for a round will wear the Yellow Cap until the next round, at which point he or she will hand it over to the player with the best score in that round (unless, of course, the original holder retains it by producing another pool-best performance). Everyone in the pool qualifies, every week... giving even those at the bottom of the leaderboard something to shoot for.

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Friday, July 19

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Crystal Palace are preparing a £30m bid for Emile Smith Rowe [Ed Aarons - The Guardian]
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