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Aaron Ramsdale: Arsenal's #1


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Has looked quality this preseason, hopefully he carries it into the league campaign.

His character seems to be a very love him or hate him type, even amongst Arsenal fans...but you need people like him, in any successful squad.

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I hope this season is mentally easier in that he "relaxes" and concentrates on playing a top game. Receiving hate via social media before he'd even done his medical, his relegation history and price tag gave a young guy a hard start. He's one of our own now and he must work to be a top number 1 for us


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How come I can't joke about him being a bit goofy lookin', but he can make fun of Rob's hair transplant on live tv?

Questions need to be asked on this, imo 🤔


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Looking at this Leno move I can’t help but to think they’d be signing Ramsdale instead if we didn’t first.

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Cocky over zealous guy but he has some worldies in his locker. Would of benefited from being number 2 to to leno for a season before becoming n 1

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