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Aaron Ramsdale (Out)

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Hang on, Wolves have Jose Sa, who in fairness is a good keeper. What do they want Ramsdale for? Will the media make a big deal about them having two keepers? Doubt it. Will they make a big deal about it if he benches Sa? Doubt it. Same as when he benched Leno. God forbid when it’s him on the receiving end of it.
That said Wolves is about Ramsdales level.


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He will end up worse than Emi at Villa towards us if he goes to Newcastle, especially after how his career has ended here with Arteta.

Glad Raya (and my boy Szczesny) are clear of them!


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Both Pope and Dubravka are better than Ramsdale so he will be on the bench there aswell. Dean know nothing btw.
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I'll sell if we get 35-40m. He's not Arteta player anymore, and this move is the best for him.


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Not the type of move abroad, not least of all with a new baby.

Still think he is likely to end up at Chelsea. And no discount deals. If anyone wants him, they can ****ing pay for him.


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Looks like Pope’s out for the season.
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