Aaron Ramsey and the Perpetual Purple Patch

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Aevius, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. LacaNewSigning

    LacaNewSigning Active Member

    Rambo ain't even in the squad today, am I missing something?
  2. IslingtonBornandbred

    IslingtonBornandbred Well-Known Member

    Injured apparently.

    He was out a while and went straight back into the team. Not surprising imo he always gets thrown straight back in as soon as he's back fit.
  3. field442

    field442 Abandoned Arteta for Emery

    He's going to want to get paid well but how can anyone expect us to offer him £150k+ when he's so frequently injured?
  4. LacaNewSigning

    LacaNewSigning Active Member

    Cheers mate, rather annoying if he wasn't 100% why did we rush him back last week.
  5. NieThePiet

    NieThePiet Part Time Werder Bremen Fan

    One fantastic game and injured again.
  6. IslingtonBornandbred

    IslingtonBornandbred Well-Known Member

    If you look at his minutes, he missed six games in a row due to his hamstring injury, he then played 16 mins as a sub against Bournemouth, then missed the Palace game, came on as a sub against Chelsea in the League Cup for five or so minutes, and then started against Swansea for 90 minutes, followed by last weeks game against Everton when he was due to be substituted even before his third goal which means he picked up an injury earlier on or they were trying to manage his minutes.

    To me anyway, based on my sport science knowledge, after three weeks out with a hamstring injury, 16 mins as a sub, then 5 mins as sub, and then a full 90 minutes isn't quite the correct "return to play" protocol, but sometimes needs must and Wenger wanted to get him back into the team because he's important to him and the sport science team probably gave the go ahead even though it would have been more of an injury risk. Nobody's fault really imo but it's certainly not Ramsey's fault.
  7. The_Playmaker

    The_Playmaker Well-Known Member

    How do you justify a big contract for Ramsey when he is injured for at least half a season. The joke is, he has only been playing once a week.
  8. LacaNewSigning

    LacaNewSigning Active Member

    That may be the case but what's the point in a squad if you can't trust them. I think AMN could easily slot in our midfield, he is competent defensively and attacking wise plus he's done alright as wb/fb so it's a bit unfair on him personally
  9. Aevius

    Aevius Pro-Rambo Moderator

    He's such an important player, hope he's back for the game next week.
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  10. Lady_Gooner

    Lady_Gooner That's Mrs. Ramsey to you buster!

    We’re nothing at Wembley without his winners :p
  11. c00lguy

    c00lguy Well-Known Member

    His absence negatively affected the balance of the whole team.
    I'm thinking his injury came so late on that we didn't have time to adjust tactically.
  12. MaraDon

    MaraDon Wants you to learn about football

  13. <<reed>>

    <<reed>> Poundland hydro

    the key.
  14. Camron

    Camron Well-Known Member

    Most people on this forum can only see what's literally right in front of them. Player X has one good performance = all future losses without said player is due to said player not playing.

    If you think we were as impotent as we were today because we missed Ramsey you really need to start watching more football matches.
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  15. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Well-Known Member

    We would have probably conceded more if Ramsey was playing today.
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  16. Furious

    Furious Mr. Believer; still mad

    Spot on.

    No idea where this bollocks has come from that Ramsey is oh so important. He's a Giroud/Walcott level player and we wouldn't miss a beat if we sold him tomorrow.
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  17. Kroket

    Kroket Trusty and Sensible Trusted

    Yeah but we'd also have been more likely to score.
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  18. BigPoppaPump

    BigPoppaPump Well-Known Member

    True, but we were always conceding so many chances to them they would have definitely scored more if Ramsey was there.
  19. c00lguy

    c00lguy Well-Known Member

    We play much better with a fit Ramsey in the side.
  20. krengon

    krengon One Arsene Wenger Trusted

    Don't think he would have made a big difference today other than being the scapegoat for this performance. The problems today were more than just missing one player.

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