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Increasingly popular YouTube channel, ArsenalFanTV provides an outlet for fans to voice their opinions after each match. However, is this good for fans of Arsenal or is interviewing fans full of post-match emotion just providing the fans of our rivals with easy ammunition against us? I quite enjoy it myself.

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I say no, I get why they do it but apart from the unintentional hilarity of Claude and Ty arguing every time it's pretty cringe.

It's only a certain type of person who likes to loudly yell their opinions at a camera, save it for Arsenal Mania! I like the host though, seems a decent bloke.


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Agree with Rex. Likable host but loser guests. Claude gets on my nerves as does Mo and Ty. Wish the format would change to bring in some more thoughtful guests cause there is potential in the show.


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I listen to the podcasts, and like the podcasts. The guest on the AFTV podcasts are usually pretty insightful and probably the only thing that's actually tolerable for fans who get annoyed by the interviews too often.

I watch the interviews and enjoy the interviews, even if the people in the videos are complete nutjobs. Ty is your classic delusional optimist, drinks from his bottle and always looks at the bright side while ignoring the hurricane ahead. Mo thinks he is above everyone and is extremely arrogant and hates chelsea, probably pretends he's more intelligent than he actually is. I genuinely respect Claude and agree with his point of views, but he is way too negative and emotional after defeats.

Now, they may not seem like the most amazing fans in the world or respectable but they each offer a unique perspective and point of view, and I genuinely think it's fun to watch. Do I think it represents Arsenal supporters as a whole? Yes and no. In the moment we all say stupid stuff after a defeat or a good win--all football fans are guilty of this-- so I usually take the over-emotional stuff with a grain of salt.

Is it good for Arsenal fans? Yes. But I'm looking from the POV as an arsenal fan, lol.


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Crucial Robbie is a decent host who does hard work and a great offering to the fans.

Claude is absolutely bonkers with his post match rants, and even though I am usually quite pissed off when we lose, I can never imagine myself letting go like that. Ty is in constant hallucination mode.

Mo was pathetic with his self-promotion "You Spend We Spend" campaign. But yeah he seems to have a big hate for Chelsea and Mourinho which is all fine :)

And what about the celebrity that is Bully. It's hilarious how he thinks of himself like some sort of celebrity among fellow fans and I must say his attempts at humor are cringeworthy.

But oh well, I guess when people face cameras, they lose their heads.
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It was good before it became big, now it's just the same people saying the same stuff after every game.


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It's absolutely ****e. Thank God we've started winning again, ever since I've not seen that ugly ****'s face again. Claude or whatever the fool's name is.


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Robbie is a bit of a bumbling idiot, not sure how he got the job. You get the odd fan who's interesting to listen to but most of it is pretty cringe.


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It's embarrassing. If a rival had something the same we'd mock them relentlessly like they do us with it.


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They do and we do haha. Fulltimedevils is the Man utd channel and RedmenTV is a Liverpool channel. Highly recommend giving RedmenTV a watch, the host is your typical clueless Liverpool fan and it makes for good watching, they did a combined Arsenal and Liverpool eleven before we smashed them 4-1 and the team he suggested was an absolute joke, it even made the Liverpool fans cringe


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For those wondering, his team was
Skrtel Mertesacker Sakho
Ox Henderson Lucas Moreno
Sturridge Alexis


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Not paid much attention to it , he seems like a decent bloke . Listen to a bit of Bergkamp wonderland they're quite good .

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