Ainsley Maitland-Niles: Midfielder or in deNile?

Discussion in 'Arsenal Talk' started by Marjorie, Aug 18, 2020.

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  2. Hleb's Sirush

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    Have no idea what they measuring there but there is no way Saka is our fastest player, not a chance. If Saka had explosive pace he would be unplayable.

    On that link they also have Leighton Baines as one of the fastest players. Again I find that hard to match to the 35 year old guy who visibly lost all his pace and retired at the end of the season.
  3. Trilly

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    RIP Black the Ripper.:(
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  4. Trilly

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    They were measuring distance covered while moving at 5.5 metres per second and above.
  5. Gooner416

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    Legalize the ting man
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  6. MutableEarth

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    He was a friend of the family so this was particularly devastating at the time, completely unexpected.
  7. jmsmtthw28

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  8. Harry Hunter

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    As of now he is the best right back at the club and they should sell Bellerin to fund midfield signings. However in the future he could move back to midfield much like Kimmich. And if the reports are true and we sign him he could learn under Partey who also can play right back. First deputising then eventually replacing him.
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  9. Trilly

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    Sorry for your loss bro.
  10. Macho

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    He was a funny guy.

    I met him when I used to roll with my friends to Axe fm over a decade ago when they had a slot there. I was sad to hear he passed too, far too young.
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  11. Trilly

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    Randomly saw him in my local Tesco express one time and had to double take.:lol:

    Proper down to earth cool guy.
  12. MutableEarth

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    Yeah, he was always hilarious and genuine. Didnt beat around the bush about anything either, 100 percent real :lol:.

    Didnt get to see him all that much before he died, regrettably.
    Cheers man.
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  13. Get These Hands

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    If he gives up his delusions of being a CM he could become a legend here.
  14. GunnerShy

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    Matty Cash going to Aston Villa for £14m +£2m.

    Let that put Wolves' derisory bid into context.
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  15. DasBootist

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    The lowball offer was a good thing, so y u pissed?
  16. GunnerShy

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    Because of the cheek of it. Because of what it says about other clubs perceptions of us.
  17. Hleb's Sirush

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    We still have that rep of being a pushover. A lot of posters here have strangely accepted that too. We have had shouts to let AMN go for £20m so we could strengthen elsewhere. People were happy to give away Sok, same with Kola. Someone suggested we should get rid of Torreira even if we get £5m for him. Someone else was happy if we got £12m for Douzi. Imagine we did that.

    AMN - £20m
    Douzi - £12m
    Torreira - £5m
    Kola - Free
    Sok - Free

    Sold 5 players for only £37m. That wouldn't even get us Partey. When we could realistically get.

    AMN - £30M
    Douzi - £20-25m
    Toreira - £25m
    Kola - £8-12m
    Sok - £5m

    That is is about £90-100m. Which suddenly makes all the difference. If clubs low ball us with derisory bids, tell them to do one. We keep the player. It is better long term to show we won't let anyone take down our pants than meekly accept very low bids which don't help us much anyway.

    Edit: Saw this on another thread. Will add here to further demonstrate what a soft touch we are when it comes to getting value when selling players.

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  18. Taylor Gang Gunners

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    Good thing you didn't ask him for a picture, mortime he's got the ting tucked.
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  19. Taylor Gang Gunners

    Taylor Gang Gunners Shame is a dish best served cold Trusted

    Jokes aside- I'm still enjoying a slice of humble pie because of him. His lax style and poor form convinced me he wouldn't amount to much- for some reason I ignored his better performances, e.g- his MOTM display away against Yanited in midfield against Pogba and (peak) Matic.

    His ability to mark an opposition player out the game is a huge weapon for us. Mane, Traore, Sterling- you name it, he's been excellent against all of them. His utility will certainly help us out too. Mikel likes him so he'll stick around and I'm happy to have him. Our new gen are looking fantastic.
  20. Trilly

    Trilly The John Sauce Of Ilford Trusted

    There’s levels to this.

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