Alex Runarsson: Huffing and Puffin

Blood on the Tracks

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It may be the modern way but when a goalkeeper bigs himself up by talking about how good he is with his feet, it makes me sceptical, particularly a goalkeeper without any pedigree.

How good are you at saving / catching a ball? That's the bread and butter, distribution is the icing on top, particularly for a back up

Anyway, hope he has a successful career here and proves people like me wrong.


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Hope he continues to improve and becomes a reliable squaddie


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I have little expectations about this signing but it’s very good business for Arsenal at such a low transfer fee to replace Martinez.

I am reserving judgement on his ability as a player because I am unaware of his talents. I hope he plays well during his time here.


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Yeah trust Arsenal to get it done quickly if its cheap, weird one this. In any event welcome Goal keeper from the middle of nowhere for dirt cheap.


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I give him the full benefit of the doubt right now. I rate and trust our current goalkeeping coach and if he wants him he can get him. Somehow he did convince Arteta after all as well.

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