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Henry was quicker, stronger, better technique, better at holding the ball, linking up, finishing etc.

Isak is also quick, technically very good for his size, good at holding the ball up and link up play, good in transition and has a good shot. Within time he’ll only improve on those attributes. It’s almost like they more similar than you think.

Ivan Toney, Schick, Vlahovic, Lukaku, Lewandowski, these are what you would call forwards that are completely different to Henry my brother.


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even with great dribbling does have that Bambi / Couchy vibe when moving like most people that tall 🤷‍♂️

Thierry was elegant with it... Saliba another one moves like a 5'10 but ****ing massive 🐐
Yeah, this is what I mean. I just don’t see the style comparison at all.


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If we want a good striker that doesnt score, why not just renew Laca! His price is absolutely ridiculous - i’d rather wait til summer than splashing 70 on a guy who doesnt really score
I’d rather not watch him play football anymore
if I could help it

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