Alexander Isak


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This guy does look a quality player.

But dropping the sort of money on him that is being spoken about, feels like madness.

That pressure on him will be insane, coming off poor season from him too...hope he doesn't crumble under all that.

Feel Arteta will want a more Prem proven player for that money, think DCL would be his first choice.

Will back Isak if we do get him though.


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I still think we could if we really wanted to. We're going to be spending big on a forward this summer regardless as to whether we have CL next season or not.
Let’s see what big is. Lille let’s club do deals for years hence why we and Napoli paid 70+ million for their players. I don’t see Arsenal getting close to 80-90 million mark. I know the usual if the right player is there. We can’t afford those figures

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