Alexandre Lacazette: 2019/20 Performances

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Alexandre Lacazette #9


Age: 28
Nationality: French
Position: Striker
Height: 1.75m
Dominant foot: Right
Contract until: 2022


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20-25 goals a season just like last season when he got 20 goals. with pepe and Auba the pressure is ease on him but yeah away performance need improvement.


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Great player! Imagine if we’d sell this stud and bank on Nketiah to do the job, madness.


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Super player. Elite forward line now, been a long long long long time since we had that


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I want to see more from him this season. Always turns up in the big games, to his credit, but sometimes goes missing against the fodder.


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I think with Pepe coming, Ceballos, Nelson, Tierney and Luiz means our forwards should get more space. The ball should get worked up faster to the final third with greater width and less of a need to drop deep. That should help both Laca and Auba to find openings so hopefully greater output.


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I could see him requesting a transfer next summer if we miss top four again.

Who does he actually think he is? :lol: He'll end up right back in the farmers league.

I still don't see how he's better than Giroud, he doesn't do anything Giroud can't but Giroud is also bigger, stronger and could head the ball.

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Dont think its coincidence that our away form has dropped massively since he was signed. His laid back style is just to easy for PL strikers to defend against at their own ground.

Would like to see more energy and work rate striker like Nketiah take over after this season. A transfer request from Laca would be blessing but I honestly dont see any team better than us needing him. He should count him self luck being here and start putting the extra work in if he wants CL football.

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With that said Im backing my favorite to acore over 20 goals in the league. He barely has it in him but with the players around him there should be no excuses this time around!


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Lacazette will once again be the best player this season. With the reinforcements it's almost a team built to exploit his strengths. If he stays injury free he'll make himself the undisputed star of the team.


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He's one of the players who i enjoy to see playing. Neck and neck between him and Auba for the striker position.

If he gets the backing of the manager, he'll bang them in for fun.


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I dont think his away performances will improve, nor they were bad last season, it was our set up, or lack of fit, that didn't help him.
different story this season
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