Alexandre Lacazette: Alex Swan Song?


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Mustafi, then Xhaka, then Lacazette.

Nah Lacazette worse than Xhaka, simply cos of the knock-on effects it's had. Imagine if we'd just signed Auba and we didn't have to shoehorn both of them into the team for the last 3 seasons. We'd have invested in a LW a long time ago, we might have had a balanced team. We bought two 50m strikers in the space of 6 months and every coach since has had to deal with it.

That's before you get on to the fact that we spent 50m on a Defoe-level striker. Although that's unfair on Defoe cos he aged quite well actually.


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I'd also argue that Auba and Laca's off field friendship was detrimental. It led people to believe that they also had a great on field connection, when in reality they never had a special footballing connection. Sometimes they linked up well but that's just law of probability.


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Wish you scored on the important game but well can't do it all I guess

Thanks again for pulling this club forward, I'm sorry people want you sold but they want Arteta to stick around so yeah, not the brightest bunch.


Not actually American. Unless Di Marzio says so.


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15 goals in all competitions. I hope he end up with 20 if auba keep being awful at least we need laca scoring specially if we stay in EL


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I could go with that.

Agree that Depay’s wage could be used elsewhere.

Edouard will be a great auba/laca replacement.

Gouiri is phenomenal. We can play him as a inside forward with Pepe/Saka on the opposite side (or a false 9 if Edouard is not playing).

Aouar as the attacking midfielder.

And also with Buendia in the midfield alongside Partey.

Then our upgrade for attackers/midfielders are completed.
We should have gone for Buendia in January and loaned him back to Norwich for the rest of the season. Once they're up they'll want to hold on to him unless his contract is up soon. The price will be high.

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