Alexandre Lacazette: Back Lac Or Sack?

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**** bullies, they make me sick. But this kid got the red carpet rolled out for him. Look at the comments, he's being treated like royalty.

Most kids who are being bullied on a daily basis are unlikely to have any kind of happy ending as far as their school life goes. Then you got horrible mums who might see this and claim their kid is being bullied for a few perks. Reminds me of that YouTuber who got her kid to cry more for the camera, people who emotionally manipulate are the WORST.


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Not sure about the logic behind making him captain when he's going to be gone in a few months
I think it makes sense. He's a senior player, and there's no need to burden any of the new/ young players with this.

Then you appoint a new long term captain for the new season.


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Not sure about the logic behind making him captain when he's going to be gone in a few months

It gives him time and space to decide the next captain while giving a senior respected player the responsibility. It's goto be between the most vocal so between Xhaka, Tierney, Ramsdale and even maybe Saka or ESR could grow into the role


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One of the few players over the last years in Assna with a genuine personality, none of that sweg sweg or yagunnazya nonsense. My striker


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I bare no ill will against Lacazette anymore tbh. I only use to get mad at people for overrating him but now no one rates him so I have nothing against the man. 17 games left and that chapter is closed.

I know I'll be back to arguing with people who will overrate his time here in the future though.
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