Alexandre Lacazette: Back Lac Or Sack?

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Our conditioning for players has been questionable for many, many years.

We rarely have players lean, fit and agile. Luis Diaz is a prime example of what I mean.

Definitely, I remember when we went through what felt like a decade and is still continuing of poor injury records.

It seems to have calmed down a bit now though.


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Honestly didn’t like when we signed him but he was sort of good for about 2 years. After that it went down hill and this season has been poor. I won’t put it all on him because I believe the manager is responsible for the lack of opportunities for the strikers and forwards due to the structure and philosophy of the team.

That’s being said goodbye can’t come soon enough. Wish him well elsewhere.

If he gets renewed I may end up raging into a pillow. 😆


Reeling from Laca & Kos nightmares
Just realised today is the last day Lacazette plays for Arsenal.



Reeling from Laca & Kos nightmares
We were in the trenches at the start and here at the end no one wants him to stay, talk about vindication.

Might even shed a tear, and I'm an emotionless robot (or so I've been told).
I still remember the days when they would hype his 4/10 performances, it was crazy to me. It just went to show how important narratives are rather than what you see with your eyes.


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F@#k off. You’re one of the worst strikers I’ve had the displeasure of watching. You’re the only footballer I’ve ever fat-shamed because you spent more time waddling around the pitch like a pregnant penguin than scoring goals. You’re greatest achievement was going bald at 28. You were so bad at your job I wanted Giroud back ffs. You’re a disgrace and I hope this message finds you. Good day.

As for the people on this forum, I despise Lacazette and I hope everyone here forgets that he ever played for us. He needs to get the Chris Benoit treatment and everyone pretends he never existed and go on with our lives. It’s the least Laca deserves.


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We signed him, to help get us out of the Europa League in 2017.

He leaves in 2022, getting us back into the Europa, after 2 8th place finishes in a row.

Arsenal Football club :lol:

Being serious though, good luck to him...wish he signed off with a goal, giving him the armband when he came on was a nice touch too.
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