Alexandre Lacazette: Hey Bobby, What's French For 'Hold up play'?


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Our number 9, the often underappreciated Alexandre Lacazette. How will he perform in what looks like may be his final season at Arsenal?


Points Out The Obvious
One of the best ads ever.

We were such a cool club back many players these days, could pull this off, without looking like a massive **** of a kind is our Thierry.
In primary school I got in so much trouble once cos we had this guy come in as a speaker about some sh*t I can't remember, he ended with 'Any questions?' and I asked 'Yeah, what's French for va va voom?' and I got in so much trouble for it cos I embarrassed our school in front of someone from outside :lol:

Pop Tart

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This ad always made me laugh too back in the day...

...Laca would never be able to do the Va Va Voom ad, but him and Pierre could re-create this.
Mari for pires and holding has the hairline for the wiltord part.


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He may not be perfect but at least he has a set of balls on him and comes to play every week. He's alright in my books.


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Shall be interested to see which team picks him up come precontract season in january. Dusted rich man club in the middle east or lower top club in Europe?

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