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Sapient Hawk

Can You Smell What The Hawk Is Cooking?
Gotta laugh at Saka's reaction: Abouuuuu, probably after he got done reading one of @AbouCuéllar essays, a task given to him by Arteta.

Were it an essay you could argue the merits of it being a case study worthy of dissection & debate.

More likely than not, he was forced to read Dr. Sleep fanfiction :lol:


Showering Xhaka with love 😍
That image of Arteta with the wolves, is kinda pathetic not gonna lie.

Everyone in that room is an adult, how is looking at wolves gonna help them :lol:
Have you ever done any team sports? The **** coaches have told me and got me fired up makes me blush now! Young boys, and they are all young to me, who want to go out and win matches will get fired up by almost anything. Probably harder not to get them fired up than the opposite...


Pub League Mik, Out by November !!!
I’d imagine we had a siege mentality. That whole dressing room felt cheated by the officials during and after that Sp**s game. I saw one of the coaches posting on Instagram hinting that he thinks it was rigged, before deleting it.

After Newcastle it was obviously bitter disappointment and everyone was quiet. This is my prediction.
We lost three straight matches to bottom half teams in last two months of season, the officials screwed us and were incompetent but they aren’t the reason we failed miserably to Sp**s. Sp**s did everything they could to hand it to us frankly.


Not German FFS
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Artetas nasal cadence and How to Motivate for Dummies 101 embarrassing speeches might be the real reason he's a **** coach. He could be Guardiolas second coming, after listening to him in the dressing room I'd be cringing for the whole 90 minutes on the pitch afterwards


Reeling from Laca & Kos nightmares

I have so many questions: who came up with the idea? who designed it? what was Arteta trying to convey with this image?
Are those the Wolves from Twilight?


Not German FFS
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I watched that clip a couple times more, almost tempted to see our Spanish Btec version of Brendan Rodgers tell Auba and Pepe to **** off.

Sapient Hawk

Can You Smell What The Hawk Is Cooking?
I wonder which episode is the one where he tells them in not so subtle terms that the season was a free-hit unless a bonus achievement materialized :lol:

Blood on the Tracks

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Doubt I'll watch this unless you guys recommend it or there's something particularly interesting in it.

Tried to watch some of the Sp**s and Man City ones, could barely make it through a couple of episodes. Just Americanized fluff pieces for people who are casual football fans at best.

Only one in this sort of genre I could get through and enjoyed was the Sunderland one. That was largely due to the fan element in it. Just seemed much more real and gritty than the others.


Not German FFS
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Tried to watch some of the Sp**s and Man City ones, could barely make it through a couple of episodes. Just Americanized fluff pieces for people who are casual football fans at best.
I've seen couple clips of both, terrifying prospect to sit through hours of that garbage. Literally American reality TV, this is how @grange imagines how football works when he's watching it with his buddies while skipping English class.


A-M’s Resident Hunskelper
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Im actually looking forward to it. Bar an episode I think of the City one ive never watched any of these documentaries.


Meme master
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Just saw the trailer for the first time.

Eh.... The first few seconds, they make it seem like a True Crime in which Arteta actually found the leak and destroyed him. (Can't really understand what Arteta says first, "we're brought on with a leak" or something?
Then the next part you'd think we would go on to win the league after that embarassing wolf picture. :lol:

I don't really know what to say more. Shambles.


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I don’t get why so many are like “I don’t wanna watch this cause we failed the season”. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about fans connecting with, learning about and seeing the players, staff, and people associated with the club in ways you never seen.
Losing is part of football, and seeing the hurt and pain and the ways the players and staff handle pressure should bring us fans closer to them, solidifying that connection. You don’t just want to see the team happy at winning everything you want to see what they’re like when they’re angry, frustrated and under pressure too.
During moments at half time and full time (or even before kickoff) the players (and staff) aren’t going to be thinking about the fact that they’re being filmed, you get to see them in ways you never seen them before. Ramsdale throwing a water bottle, that seems genuine, and I bet you’ll see a lot more of that sort of stuff from a lot of players.
Too many worrying about our club being memed by rivals, water off a ducks back for me.

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