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All or Nothing - Mikel Arteta ( and Arsenal ) - Amazon Prime

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Had episode 5 in the background while doing other stuff and I hear this fan talking before the Liverpool match, thought it was an old man at first then I Alt-tabbed back and it was a trans woman. :lol:
The whole series isn't as bad as some hoped it'd be.


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That episode 4 was really interesting. First time I actually realise that I blamed Arteta many times when the team couldn't play more on the front foot.

These players just couldn't do it and he called them out everytime.


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There is indeed a higher quality in these new episodes because of the drama, but still it's mostly shallow stuff. The dossier stuff? We only get the comment that was described in the tweet lol.

The show does their best to paint Arteta and Edu in a good light (chapter 6 is called Super Mik Arteta), but as countless Arteta supporters posts have shown us, there's just nothing there, so dramatic video edition can only take them so far. Probably the only new thing is the club didn't want this to get dragged to deadline day, so Edu and co basically got played by Auba and his agent like a fiddle because we couldn't do anything about it (like seemingly most of our selling deals).

After that it's mostly team talks with player interviews here and there (White, Xhaka, Laca, Martinelli), but our ups and downs make it more watchable than the first 3 episodes, maybe having a full episode to the NLD was a mistake. For our only comeback of the season Mikel basically bribed them with a bonus, make of that what you want.

Highlights are confirming what a lot of us suspected, Arteta had null input in what is widely called our best performance last season (all he did was curse a lot on zoom) and featuring Laca as he carried us through what probably was the difference between finishing 5th and finishing 8th in those Wolves matches.


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Just watched the first episode, found it gripping! Surprised how well Josh comes across in particular, he was really human and reasonable. Feel that his involvement over he last few years is a massive plus for the club compared to the Silent Stan years.

Arteta is a roller coaster, you can see he has ability and promise but he is so intense - some of what he tries lands well and sometimes it seems like he is trying too hard. Not a fan of all the whiteboard stuff either but his words in the speech before the Norwich game - which was such a high pressure situation for him - were just spot on.

Think I'm going to enjoy this.


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I thought they weren’t going to show much about Auba but they went on about it for 3 episodes. Kind of old news now.
I’m liking what I’m seeing but I want more. I want to see more interactions between players.


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Anyone know how long is it likely to stay on Prime?

I don't get much spare time to watch TV, took me over a year to watch Breaking Bad 😂


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Seeing that city game, remembered it was Jesus who fell softly to get Gabi a red. Gabi was so upset about that decision. Small world. They look like best buddies now.


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Just watched episode 4, the auba stuff was there but what stood out for me was the city game, man I felt that rage about that penalty and red card again, and we were so good. Partey was like prime Vieira and Martinelli destroyed them. Must have took a lot of Arteta to stay calm and tell them he was proud of the team. I was angry for days, most of us were.


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Just finished off the the new episodes.

I really want to go rewatch the city and Sp**s one now. I don't remember them being so heavy on manager interviews all the conversations with the players eating seems more staged after the fact than fly on the wall.

Remember the Sp**s players talking about eriksen leaving and it seemed honest.

Holding in episode 4 chatting about Auba seemed like a script.

This thread should be called Mikel Arteta: All or Nothing

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Yeah I don't like how heavy it is on the press conferences and the post match interview, like who cares we've seen it all. And if it's trying to showcase what a hard time Mik was getting then no one is going to buy, he's had such an easy ride since he's been here, let's not pretend the press were giving him the Wenger treatment.

I was hoping we'd see more of what goes on in the club and it's been few and far between highlighting it.

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Yeah, the show is definitely centered around Arteta, with the rest of the club really being the supporting cast. A lot of focus on team talks, press interviews, tidbits in training and stuff in the office. You dont see more of the difficult moments, like Arteta speaking to Auba, or Arteta explaining his decision to Edu and Vinai. Arteta comes out smelling of roses and Auba not.

But its respectable content, and I like that. Some nice cameos, with Martinelli, Xhaka and Lacazette. The show could have done with a lot more of those inserts.

Its a show for people who have heard of Arsenal, but dont really know Arsenal.
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