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All or Nothing - Mikel Arteta ( and Arsenal ) - Amazon Prime

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Don’t appreciate the fake pressure they keep implying exists around Mikel’s job. We all know he wasn’t under pressure at any time, the media also didn’t give anywhere near as hard a time as is made out.

There’s also an episode called Super Mik Arteta…in ALL CAPS? 🤢🤮


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They have responsibilities but you make exceptions for your best players. You're trying to win football matches not run a military school.Any other player that wants privileges should start producing football at that level.

We sell Aubameyang, can't score a goal to save our lives and miss out on top 4. A masterclass in management from Arteta. Cutting off your nose to spite your face FC.

You make exceptions only of the player is important.
Auba wasn’t scoring.
Our goal rate improved after he was dropped…a lot.
The idea we lost goals because he wasn’t here is not sound.


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On the episode where they’ve made the 0-0 at Anfield seem like the best thing since sliced bread.

Players proper giving themselves a pat on the back as well. Good defensive performance but “Absolutely magnificent”. Standards are in the gutter!
The mandem were dancing in the canteen after a draw at Anfield in the Haribo cup una.
Mentality monsters would never.


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Only watched 4 episodes and it’s clear that Arteta is very intense and ruthless. As a character, I’m not warming to him.

I dont care if he is intense or ruthless we need all faces in the same direction. And even watching this the more i see he really wants to take the club back were it belongs.

I really like to see this tbf.


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Feels like he’s a robot trying to make everything into formulas and speeches and there’s a little bit of humanity missing in them. Was thinking the speeches were starting to improve only to see the lightbulb speech at the end :lol:


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Much preferred this set of episodes, the Auba stuff was interesting but the winning streak was just plain enjoyable. The match at Liverpool really brought back memories how Martinelli had their whole defence on ice for most of the match... put Jesus in and around the box in the same situation and we walk away with a win.


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Mik's voice cracks a lot when he's shouting I noticed.
His voice is always knackered from shouting on the touchline.

Soon with age and experience he will learn to preserve his voice and save it for half time/key moments and it will have more of an impact. At the moment he's constantly shouting at every stage from before the game to post match when he wants to tell them he's upset.

A sign of information overload that he's not getting instructions across if he has to constantly remind them during the game and another reminder that he's a very new and young manager. How many managers in the league have a voice as knackered as that?


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What did he mean? They didn't show anything bad about Laca.

On Laca...maybe he meant the part that would surprise us, was when Arteta asked him if he preferred the "journey" or the "destination", and he said destination.

I was shocked by that, would have bet on him saying doughnuts.

Also @A__G thanks for warning me about FK, but were was my heads up on Tory Jennings being on this ffs 🤬


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That Auba stuff was really sad, man...he looked proper hurt/embarrassed.

He was our captain and winning goal scorer, as we won our record 14th cup...then a year later was being forced to train on his own, while Amazon filmed everything ffs...that was horrible to watch, especially when he was just sitting on his own in the changing room 😥

He was right to push though that move to Barca.

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