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World Famous Luchador
Dusted 🔻

Player: Vieira
Do the Sp**s and Man City ones have so many dressing rooms talks too?
Yeah, after Mourinho would tell them to play like c*nts Kane or Lloris would mumble an inspirational speech.

One difference I noticed with Arsenal, it's mostly Arteta doing the speaking. The only time Auba spoke in a dressing room scenario he asked for permission. It was to take the piss out of Arteta too, which I am sure was added to the dossier.



Keeping The Bar Low
That Auba stuff was really sad, man...he looked proper hurt/embarrassed.

He was our captain and winning goal scorer, as we won our record 14th cup...then a year later was being forced to train on his own, while Amazon filmed everything ffs...that was horrible to watch, especially when he was just sitting on his own in the changing room 😥

He was right to push though that move to Barca.
Just show up and do the job your paid to.

That’s life, it’s not hard really.


World Famous Luchador
Dusted 🔻

Player: Vieira
Probably that little meeting about how to score like Benzema

nothing special, but definitely better than Carlos Cuesta getting paid to pat the players on the back and tell them they can be the best in the world if they manifest it

Imagine being told to play like Benzema :lol: F*cking useless.

I got confused for all the Cuesta ratings myself, I don't really see what he does although they wouldn't be able to show his indepth work.

Interesting the coaching staff have gotten more air time than many of the players.


Called Ramsdale Ugly
The last episode though, gonna be brutal...that defeat to Newcastle away, smh.

If only we had a player in our squad, who had some history with winning a match a St James' Park for us that day...



Get Xhaka 🔛
When Arteta spoke about how he pulled his wife at a nightclub, how he had to dig deep and the camera switched to Yakubu's face... nah I'm done.


Cedric and Mari ruined my life
Also @A__G thanks for warning me about FK, but were was my heads up on Tory Jennings being on this ffs 🤬
There’s too much Rory Jennings in this. Need to file a complaint with Amazon Prime.
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